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Angelino ‘Boyet’ Fajardo’s ‘Creative Outburst’ an Artist Temperament?

Do you know Boyet Fajardo? If not then be careful or you may find yourself at the receiving end of a not so pleasant encounter complete with kneeling in front of his 'majesty' in exchange for not getting bitch slapped.

Rude Outburst a post by Jon Mariano at OFW Living in HK on fashion designer Angelino ‘Boyet’ Fajardo at the Duty Free Shop (DFS) in the Philippines got me wondering Hudas (Judas) errr who does this gay errr guy think he is having a shameless scandalous tantrum in public.

On Friday the 13th Boyet Fajardo allegedly berated DFS cashiers and managers over an unsigned credit card for his purchase when asked to present an identification card. Here is his choice of words that Ricky Rivera his spokesperson says was due to ‘creative outburst’ in berating on top his lungs the employees of DFS (Duty Free Shop):
Mga leche kayo! Hindi niyo ako kilala? Ako si Boyet Fajardo! At itong p...ina na babaeng ito (pointing to a lady officer) at ang baklang ito (pointing to the cashier) ay walang kwentang mga tao! I want them fired!!!
Here is the PJ’s not so accurate translation:
You are all milk! (ooops, wait it should have said Damn all of you!) Don’t you know who I am! And this woman with a whore (or you can substitute mother f…ker but it is not accurate) for a mother (fingering the lady officer, oh wait it should be pointing) plus this gay guy (pointing his finger at the cashier as if she is the queen of Sheba) are all worthless low life people!
Not content with his ‘creative outburst’ he went on to intimidate and threaten the employees that he will report them to a politician who is also in the fashion industry. I just don’t know what a fashionista foolitician will do but if he has connection to small town Masiu Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., that should really intimidate people. It seems that was enough though without dropping the name of brawling politicians for the cashier a casual employee to actually kneel in front of this Fascist errr fashion designer brought about by his tirade of invectives that he will only be satisfied if the cashier kneels in front of him and bitch slap the poor chap. This guy is out of control and no amount of excuse or rationalization will undo his uncouth behavior and aside from bad mouthing ordinary mortals this is how he presents his identification card:
Susan Gonzales, one of two employees who filed a complaint, said Fajardo threw his passport on the face of cashier Marvin Fernandez.

Being the store manager, Gonzales said she intervened to try to appease Fajardo, but he also allegedly vented his ire on her. Fajardo allegedly cussed at her and called her fat.
So who is this guy anyway? Honestly I have never heard of this braggart so I did some research and there he was featured in an article by Isah V. Red titled “Darna faces more ferocious enemies... again?” no, he is not Darna (Filipino version of Wonder Woman), he was just part of the article. On the other hand the way he conducts himself in public he may as well be the insane villainess of the TV soap box action drama. Ok, seriously he has been in the fashion business for 20 years and he designs RTW (ready to wear) clothes for people like Malu Fernandez as in large women. Just so you know his RTW is under the labels “Boyet Fajardo,” “Initials,” and “Substance” that are carried by major shopping malls. What a pity that some people just can’t handle success especially if it bloats ones’ ego and treat ordinary mortals as sub-humans.

Is this guy on the path of self-destruction? Judging from the bloggers reaction he maybe on his way out and no amount of rationalization will appease the public especially when one continuously insults peoples’ intelligence with remorseless behavior after the scandalous incident.

It seems that Boyet Fajardo has apologized but Pinay Pie reacts with ULOL (she probably meant fool and not uncontrollably laughing out loud) and not buying it upset over his dehumanizing treatment for having the cashier kneel in front of him.

Another blogger Pinoy Ambisyoso is also demanding for a boycott of Boyet Fajardo’s clothing line where you can access the youtube and the petition Please Boycott Boyet Fajardo RTW Labels that as of this writing has garnered 1879 signatures. You can also watch this youtube video that shows an arrogant remorseless Boyet Fajardo in his lame attempt to rationalize his tantrum.

Well using ‘creative outburst’ and 'figure of spits errrr speech' will not cut it and a sloppy defense I should say, I suggest that Boyet Fajardo should use temporary lapse of losing sanity for his defense or better yet go check in to a mental institution and get some professional help. People with ton loads of money are treated like god and that is a figure of spits errr speech and should not be taken literally by fools in their cruel outburst. The poor chap who knelt before him was crying uncontrollably and you can just imagine what he was going through rob of his dignity.

Don’t you guys use this "you don’t know him personally" BS because who really wants to know this kind of high strung tantrum prone crazy guy who wants to bitch slap you if you happen to not know who he is. Okay, maybe he is truly an artist possessing an artist temperament but that is clearly not an excuse when you belittle and insult people acting like the Queen of Sheba subjecting them to verbal abuse and worse forced them on their knees as if he is god. There is a consequence for such bad behavior and he has clearly not just crossed the line of common decency but broke the law and for that he should be held accountable and liable for the transgression.

Oh, and next time Boyet if it is true that you are dropping the names of politicians please don’t you dare, but then again we know where their source of political wisdom comes from and if you insist you are not way off in terms of being really close to its source.
I guess that is just the way people who delude themselves on their 'entitlement' behave so be that way....... just be careful with what you wish for as in take note on the content of the truck below.......
GMA's MRAPs handog ng trapos

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