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Nogie Boy Nograles & the Clueless Gang of Gloria Arroyo’s 'Strong' Republicans

Blissed are the poor for they will inherit heaven, oh wait that should have been blessed but not feeling religious and with my tendency to stutter in confused state what I really meant was Gloria Arroyo and her people in blissful ignorance of their culpability. Indeed, Nogie Boy Nograles & the clueless gang of Gloria Arroyo’s 'strong' republicans has time and again never ceased to amaze us.
Clueless Prospero 'Nogie Boy' Nograles Ellen Tordesillas cannot believe what she is witnessing in the Legacy Ponzi scheme probe on the clueless reaction coming from Prospero “Nogie Boy” Nograles, the speaking in tongue errr current speaker of the house of ill refute ooops I meant congress not having a clue or was it pretending not to have a clue on the rules of ethics? I tend to go with pretending due to Gloria Arroyo setting the tone of nonchalance as shown in the taped conversation with back door operator errrr former Comelec Commissioner Garcillano.

Have they gone mad or we are the one going mad? It seems this strong republic of Gloria Arroyo has a tendency to appoint or railroad dumb and dumber people errr I meant people. .....so diverse in "brilliancy" to the mediocre all the way down to losers in sensitive position of governance are what we call neither here nor there, in their conscious or unconscious state of blissful ignorance.

Why neither here or there? Well, the contrast in terms of qualification are just unbelievable ranging from that of a bar flunking OmBADsman errr Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez incompetence in failing like her bar exam to prosecute high profile cases. And if they decide to prosecute wrong doers it seems to get dismissed faster than they can file one. Then we have a highly qualified bar topnotch Public Attorney Office [PAO] chief Persida Rueda-Acosta with an impressive resume’ actively defending accused men in uniform that we fear maybe of the assassins and vigilante type death squads. How she got the impression that men in the establishments are the public is beyond comprehension. Ahhh the clueless blissfulness is like a virus that easily spreads around and if the head of state suffers the same it has this trickle down effect even though they are not disciples of Reaganomics.

If only this Public Defender of the "oppressed" underlings of the Mafiosi type regime acting like a zealot in her tenacious acumen to defend the real indigents, we may actually attain some semblance of confidence in assuring a safer society, but not so with her wrong and should we say clueless priority. Now why in the name of Banana Republic does she champion the oppressor and not the oppressed is really scary. She is one brilliant lieyer errr lawyer and yet seems clueless when she ask the family of the victims of the rub out errr “encounter” to come up with solid evidence on police wrong doing is truly bizarre. How exactly will they do that? It seems this woman fails to recognize the fact that the relatives of the suspected carjackers are members of the public and therefore not with the police agency with investigative powers. The public that she was supposed to provide legal assistance against excesses of the establishment and yet acts as the defense lawyers of the accused men in uniform contrary to the intent of the creation of her office.

Confused and clueless PAO should be representing the interest of the poor victims of Legacy but it seems that the Public Attorney Office had their hands fool, errr full in representing the establishment than the public. High profile when it comes to men in uniform accused of wrong doings that sends a wrong message, not that this administration sends the right message but the end result is it only embolden scalawags in the police and military instead of consciously performing their duties in accordance with the law.

People make mistakes, so what happens if you get mistaken for a carjacker and pepper you with bullets dragging your limp body to be shot point blank purportedly to neutralize you? Your love one's are on their own in seeking justice because the Public Attorney’s Office are busy defending your killers while “legally” harassing agencies such as Napolcom and Human Rights Commission heads to inhibit themselves in their fact finding probe. And we wonder why Prospero “Nogie Boy” Nograles was asking what ethics in reference to his kulig errr colleague Parañaque Representative Eduardo Zialcita (1st district) cousin of SEC. Commissioner Jesus Martinez because he says there was no complaint against them. Hello, Nogie Boy, wake up and smell the stink in Pasig River errr coffee. The reason there is no complainant is totally understandable because ethical breach are rampant so we can’t expect anyone daring to complain. But then again since these people are neither here or there I suspect their fear of the domino effect is the main reason why no one dares come out in the open. Is it not that the committees on ethics require their members to explain why they should not be disciplined once an obvious ethics violation is committed by their members? Oh wait what ethics when no one seems to know what it is perhaps even the committee members are clueless like their speaker? Or is because the speaker's name has also been dragged into this controversy? Dang politics, yes blame it on politics the source of all that ails our nation that leaves Nograles stumped and clueless what to do?

Honorable what a title they wear, although that is a given once they get elected they should lived by it or is it honor among thieves instead that they desperately try to earn amongst themselves?

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Stolen errr borrowed from Toto Lozano and manipulated for "enhancement."

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