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William Hung's Era Officially Over

William HungMove over William Hung a new sensation has just dethroned you and made you a “has been”….. Philippine Update described the new sensation as the “Hottest New Talent” officially ending William Hung’s Era in American Idol a popular reality talent show contest.

Reynaldo’s arrival came at a time over this “news item”, American Idol’s William Hung Found Dead of Heroin Overdose… a quote from the Broken news:

Stanford’s hippy population immediately misconstrued the situation and adopted Hung’s death as a pet cause. “He was a victim of the corporate greed-machine, just like Kurt [Cobain] and Eddie [Vedder, who is actually still alive],” said one dreadlocked mourner outside the engineering department at Stanford University, where a makeshift memorial had been set up, “he just wanted to sing, and Fox decided to turn him into this joke, man, this fucking joke. They just ate him up and spit him out. Fucking Bill O’Reily. I think it’s because he was against the war.” The last comment is apparently in reference to the fact that Hung once answered “no, thank you” when asked whether he was “for or against the war in Iraq.”

The Las Vegas police released part of his suicide note. It read, “I have no reason of living . . . my art which is my importance to the best everybody laugh to . . . I make end here . . . goodbye world of cruel.”

Although Hung’s immediate family disowned him seconds after his appearance on American Idol, it is believed he has an aunt in Toledo, Ohio who will take care of funeral arrangements.

Hung was despondent upon seeing Reynaldo Lapuz belting it out at the American Idol that he overdosed on heroin ooopppps ok not true just my ad lib and not part of the broken news. Fortunately or was it unfortunately, it was satirical news debunked by Hoax Slayer which according to the article was in bad taste, to quote:

In fact, Mr Hung is alive and well. This rumour started from a story on the satirical "news" site, Broken Newz. Although it resembles a real news story, it is a complete fabrication apparently in the name of entertainment. Personally, I find this sort of satire in poor taste. Pinoy Idol Reynaldo Lapuz

It was funny and I am glad I found Hoax Slayer article first because this “news” item looks so real and sadly it is going the rounds of forums through emails and debated to death…. Talk about death, huh.

Oh geez, this is about our new idol so going back to Reynaldo Lapuz it seems some Filipinos are not happy and felt insulted with their ego errr misplaced pride ooops I meant Filipino Pride seems to think it is embarrassing since we have great singers. Heck, what’s up with that have they loss their marbles errr sense of humor, it’s all for fun and if Reynaldo Lapuz himself was not embarrassed by it, why would you?

There were quite a few children in school that was overheard singing the original song of Reynaldo lapuz and they think he was good (I just don’t know if they meant good as in really good or as a goofball, I suspect the later though, lol) because it was catchy unlike William Hung who murdered Ricky Martin’s song. Reynaldo’s is an original composition so hopefully he will gain some following and some are swooning over him and having the urge to strangle errr hug him because he is so loveable they say. Below is the lyrics of the original composition and to watch the youtube video just click on the image or click HERE.

We're Brothers Forever

By Reynaldo Lapuz

I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing this songs
The music that you liiiike!

Brothers till the end of time
Together or not
You're always in my heart
Your hurt, your feelings
And you will worry no mooore!

Reynaldo Lapuz T-Shirt

UPDATE 1/19/08 9:00AM:

Thanks to Ed Balcos a heavyweight at Pacland Forum for sharing the Ebay American Idol T-shirt (see image) of I am your brother Logo and a ringtone of the same song being sold on the net. It appears there is no stopping this rise to popularity of American errrr ok maybe Pinoy IDOL REYNALDO LAPUZ to the top and indeed, William Hung's ERA is over......

Meanwhile at Blogging Zoom this entry was posted and as of this writing has risen to the top 8 from the 10th place, if you are a blogger zoom this and help me errrr help Idol Reynaldo to the top.

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