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Save Raheleh Zamani!

ICAHK Action Alert: Raheleh Zamani to be executed tomorrow

According to reliable sources, Raheleh Zamani was transferred to solitary confinement today in Tehran's Evin prison, and she is to be executed by hanging at dawn on Wednesday, January 2, 2008. Raheleh, who is in prison for killing her husband, was originally scheduled to be executed on December 19, 2007. However, human rights lawyers and activists in Iran and abroad joined forces, once again, and caused Iran's head of judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi, to grant a temporary stay of execution only hours before the execution was to be carried out. The order was designed to provide additional time for Raheleh to obtain the pardon of her in-laws, which is legally required to save her life.

What you can do

Contact human rights groups and activists, world organizations, and government officials to express your objection to Raheleh's upcoming execution.

Click HERE for more information and register your objection on-line via Amnesty International's urgent action center.

Update: Raheleh Zamani was executed at dawn, Tehran time, on January 2, 2008. Raheleh, a 27 year-old mother of two young children, was hanged in Tehran's notorious Evin prison along with 11 others. Thank you to all who took action on her behalf.

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