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Filipino Nurse Jailed for ‘Child’ Sex

Oliver BalicaoThe pervert is a Filipino nurse named Oliver Balicao, 34 a father of 2 from Bicester, Oxfordshire originally from the Philippines was sentenced to a 16 month jail term.

The victim a 16 year old girl was rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital on paracetamol overdosed distraught over school bullies was once more violated by a person of trust while in a state of drowsiness and confusion. Now how pathetic and gross is that? Hospitals are supposed to be a refuge for battered and troubled minors and to end up with a pedophile truly is disheartening and troubling.

According to newspaper accounts the teenager was molested by Balicao while she was drowsy lying in bed and then took the girl to the toilet on the pretext of taking her urine sample but ended up having sex with the minor. To quote a BBC report:

Judge Anthony Hall, passing sentence, told Balicao: "This was the grossest possible breach of trust.

"By your actions you have brought a reputable hospital and a reputable profession into disrepute. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself."

The judge said he was unable to order Balicao's deportation because he became a British citizen in 2006.

He added: "This was a young, vulnerable girl aged 16 who was ill and clearly in considerable mental turmoil who was in hospital so she could be cared for.

"Instead you did exactly the opposite - for reasons that wholly escape me you went with her to the WC and there you had sexual intercourse with her."

For his “defense” Balicao testified that it was “consensual sex”…… say whaaaaat? What in the name of Garcillano (Comelec Comm. in a wiretapped scandal on fraudulent electoral cheating) was that all about! What an unbedolable (Lintang Bedol another Comelec Official in fraudulent electoral scandal in the south) errrr unbelievable stupid perverted defense was that all about anyway, does he think he is in the halls of Injustice of SiRaulO Goonzales? Did he have Jalosjos (Philippine Congressman Romeo Jalosjos convicted of raping an 11 year old girl pardoned by President Gloria Arroyo in what other quarters are saying as a political favor for delivering the votes in the last election) for his role model or no one told him that there is no such thing as consensual sex with a minor. To top it off this pervert did not even show any emotion at his sentencing but says he was ashamed for what he did.... well he should be, geeez.

“Lucky” for him the judge can’t deport him since he has acquired British citizenship but his woes is not over since what he did was tarnish the nursing profession and hopefully get his license revoked. Balicao definitely is not fit to work in a hospital environment where he not only violated its ethics but committed a criminal violation as well, after all hospitals should be free of pedophiles like Balicao..

At Philippine Update Forum one guy was blaming the whole generation of martial law babies for Balicao’s perversion…… how about you what do you think?

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