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EDSA 2 Remembered

Kasama ako sa EDSA2!I just got an invitation from Mong Palatino of mongster's nest on a memorable or dishonorable event this weekened of January 19-20th, 2008 depending on how you feel about it.

Indeed, no one can deny that event such as this needed to be revisited otherwise we will never learn and as the saying goes your past determines who you are.

A noteworthy event that has Mike Arroyo bragging about the coup plot they hatched and one of the first order of business for the new president was the exciting meeting with Lucio Tan among the first "esteemed" guest to grace the palace ….. we know what happened next, splashed in the newspaper Tan’s woes was gone like a stroke of a magic wand.

Then it was followed up by news of Kumpadre Bong Pineda conducting a meeting of all places in a national police headquarters in one of the regions….. as events unfolded the proclamation of Jueteng (illegal numbers game turning “simple” folks to instant millionaire making lotto winners look like paupers’ in comparison) Capital of the Philippines found its way and a niche in Pampanga.

We have seen some very “notable” project undertaken by the Edsa 2 beneficiary, one of which is a tribute to his father the late President Diosdado macapagal naming a highway in his honor that has earned the monicker of D. Macapagal Highway Robbery.

No one complained after all we are still giddy in celebrating a “victory” ousting the Asiong Salongat presidency of Estrada and hailing self confessed Jueteng bagman Chavit Singson a HERO………. So how dare anyone even take notice of that, we are busy dancing in the street with the Society of Seven’s rendition of Glady’s Knight and the Pips “dancing in the Street” without of course Glady’s but someone sounding like her. Oh wait, I don’t think they have Lani Misalucha yet but hey I am having a ball with this event so join in on the fun.

If there is anything that I would like to reminisce about this is the resilience and spirit of the people unfortunately used and abused as an unwitting pawn in a power grab what we now see unravelling in our very eyes is the reincarnation of Marcosa the little version..... nah I did not say there is a physical resemblance but the pattern points in that direction.

Is this a moment to be proud as a Filipino or a moment of shame to be buried in the thrash bin of Philippine pathetic political development? Ok, I should stop here lest people get upset but please mark your calendar and drop by the event as I can’t get off the heap of manmade garbage called Mt. Payatas a colossal monument akin to Mt. Rushmore symbolizing the neglect and abuse heaped on our nation by fooliticians wallowing in mismanagement and corruption.
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