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Powerful Potent Weapon Unleashed!

The use of technologically advance weaponry in the war on terror against Fundamental Islam Extremist seems to have little effect in quelling radicals out to impose their beliefs in the western world…… fear no more as this may signal what could be a decisive factor in this Powerful Potent Weapon Unleashed or to be unleashed once one person decided to be the “heroine” to save the world from chaos.

This weapon promises to give religious fundamentalist mullah a fit and probably distract them enough resulting in a heart attack lessening their agitation propaganda errrr teachings of hate and commit suicide out of frustration.

Ok, maybe it’s an overstatement when I say it is a weapon but it can be, should Britney Spears decides to convert to Islam. Middle East and African Bloggers are beside themselves having a grief over this event or non-event should this turn out to be nothing but plain rumor. When I saw this one liner at Wil’s page that says
Britney Spears is considering converting to Islam and Jillian York’s Global Online article states the reason for the conversion was in order to marry Pakistani-born Paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, I just have to blog this.

Now what in the world is this Political Jaywalker thinking and of all subjects blogging about Britney Spears? That's totally out of character for this group blog and probably will get me in trouble with my teammates for doing this..... bear with me.... this is just hilarious and could not contain myself at what I stumbled upon as I get deeper into the story.

True enough or was it gossipy enough there seems to be some indication ok not just some but there are a lot of reactions and news item on this and somehow there is this underlying rumor errr humor in all these. The first reaction that I encountered and could not contain myself laughing at was
CodePiranha’s short stab:

I’ve spent a great deal of the past few years trying to convince some of my Muslim friends that the United States is not waging war against Islam. As it turns out, not only was I wrong, but it looks like we might have just fired the fatal shot:

“U.S. pop star Britney Spears is allegedly so in love with her new Muslim man she’s considering converting to Islam to marry him, British press reports revealed.” (link)

That’s right baby…. Britney Spears as a Muslim.

Islam will never be the same.

Britney SpearsIndeed Islam will never be the same with Britney Spears as their poster girl, hehehe, imagine seeing Britney Spears performing with a hijab or Burqa but of course almost naked as she has always been in most of her performances, besides if I am not mistaken showing of belly button is ok or was it with the Hindus?

Then imagine her in this picture of note (click here if you are over 18 years old) in a hijab will surely give the religious police a heart attack not that she is not causing so much grief with the Islam community right now.

Al Arabiya reported that Adnan Ghalib’s Sunni Muslim Family are so horrified by his antics that they have disowned him. One relative according to the account had Adnan’s father giving him an ultimatum to forget Britney or he will be considered dead but Adnan allegedly ignored his dad.

All the turmoil that this is creating and to think that this is not even confirmed if indeed Britney was serious in marrying Adnan. So can you imagine what will happen once they actually wed? Compared to the self-proclaimed Lyrical Terrorist and that welfare fraud Lady suing the Jail warden over her Hijab I think it will do the Islamofascist some good watching Britney Spears perform her signature song of..... C'mon baby hit them errr me one more time... yeah, yeah, yeah.

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