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Filipinos in the US Support Fr. Ed’s Electoral Crusade

San Francisco (April 27, 2007) - As the May 14 election in the Philippines closes in overseas Filipinos are also registering their support and preferences in their hometowns’ politics. The Kapampangans in California launched a fund-raising campaign to bankroll the candidacy of priest-turned-politician Fr. Ed Panlilio and his crusade for “moral leadership and good governance.”

On April 29, a holy mass for peaceful and honest elections in the Philippines is scheduled 3 p.m. at the St. Anne of the Sunset Catholic Church (at 850 Judah Street) in San Francisco, California.

After the mass, a community reception and a meeting on how Filipinos can support Panlilio and his cause will follow.

"Our kabalens in the Bay Area continue to clamor for a concrete action to show our participation and concern for moral leadership and good governance through the coming national elections in our beloved Philippines next month. Please come and invite families, friends and others to this significant event and exercise of our faith in God's promise and love for our country, the Philippines," according to the flyers distributed in the internet.

A similar event is also organized in the Southern Group of Kapampangans, headed by the Southern Minalenians, in support of Panlilio, on April 29 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 4950 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood. The 4 p.m. mass is to be officiated by Fr. Rodel Balagtas, a Kapampangan parish priest.

“Fr. Ed Panlilio always has the ear to the plight of the poor, listens to the cry (for help of Pampanga). He takes off his robe. He takes the sacrificial plunge to help. He runs for governor of Pampanga," according to the Minalenian Club where the priest also come from.

However, the group believed that the undertaking involves lots of money especially against rivals who possess well-oiled political machineries – the incumbent Mark Lapid and Board member Lilia Pineda. The Lapids are identified with the alleged illegal quarry operations and the Pinedas with jueteng operations in the province.

For more information on the ‘Campaign to Support Fr. Ed’, you can contact MC Canlas at 415-513-5442 and Fr. Ray at 415-412-1358.
You don't have to be a Kapampangan to support this noble worthy cause, take a stand and support Fr. Ed Panlilio to dislodge illegal Jueteng and Quarry funded political leaders lording Pampanga, join the mass and donate, help a good man lead the province out of moral bankcruptcy.


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