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The Man Who Could Save PAMPANGA

Meet Father ED.

He's an Independent Candidate for Governor of Pampanga.

Against decidedly evil choices:
the wife of the country's top Jueteng Lord,
and the son of the King of Illegal Quarrying,

it's poetic,
if decidedly Quixotic,

that a Man of the Cloth
has coalesced the forces of good
in the hopes of saving Pampanga from its so-called Leaders,

including the President of the Philippines herself.

How could she blatantly allow,
and even encourage,
such morally unqualified candidates
to run for the top post in her home province?

It's symptomatic of her supreme arrogance
and utter callousness, really.

This is the same President who didn't even reprimand
the Secretary of inJustice, when, with infinte insensitivity,
he declared that
Julia Campbell,
the U.S. Peace Corps volunteer bludgeoned to death in Banaue,
was to blame for her own demise...
because she should have known better than to go hiking by herself.

This is the same President who's NOT lifting a finger
to prevent the congressional campaign of her phonepal "GARCI".
Letting her "fingers do the walking" indeed.

This is the same President who's ruining the career of a hapless Manny Pacquiao;
forcing the "People's Champion" to run as Congressman,
if only to forcibly evict the Opposition's Muse,
Darlene Antonino Custodio, from the Lower House.

This is the same President who's bent on inflicting Lito Lapid,
the former Pampanga Governor (now seemingly lobotomized Senator),
on the people of Makati;
the sole reason for his Mayoralty campaign? If he wins,
the Opposition loses its last remaining Rally Point in MetroManila.

Petty, petty, petty.

And now, this.

In a microcosm of what should be systemic in our nation,

a good man with hardly any resources,

in this case,
an "Among",
as Priests are called in Pampanga,

has had to run against tremendous odds,

just to give hope,
and perhaps, bring back a semblance of honor,
to his home province,
stripped of all dignity by the powers-that-be.

Can he really succeed?
Does "Among Ed" really have a fighting chance?

In circumstances not too far removed
from the current drama in Pampanga,

two brave women once dared to challenge,
and win,
against seemingly insurmountable, immovable, entrenched rulers.

Cory Aquino dismantled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986;

and just three years ago,
Grace Padaca ended the Dy's hegemony in Isabela.


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I saw the above Manila Boy blog entry of Spanky Hizon Enriquez, it was well written so I just have to ask his permission to hang his entry. After all why re-invent the wheel or why spoil a good thing, let's support a good man in Pampanga and rid them with anak ng jueteng and Lord of the rings errr jueteng pa rin.

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