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Rodolfo Manalili's Pardon, Jueteng Connection or Gloria Arroyo’s Due Process?

It seems that lately we seem to easily get riled up on convenient targets and as I watch the development on the Rodolfo Manalili and the pathetic moronic justification of Cerge Remonde I am almost inclined to mock and joke about it. I was about to joke about having a Boyet Fajardo moment until I read the case here and here realizing that while the jokers in Malacañang seems to be joking it was one bad joke with criminal implication not even close to Chip Tsao’s and yet I see no revulsion or indignation compared to what we are seeing in the “Servant Nation” brouhahaha.Mastermind Kidnap/Murderer Rodolfo Manalili How in the world can these morons use the so-called “ministerial” or "administrative" justification for good behavior computation in commuting convicted murderers life sentence to equivalency of a shorter sentence is in itself criminal ineptitude or something else as in Jueteng influence that clouds their “better” (yeah like they have one) judgment. But then again with the likes of Persida Acosta so fixated in advancing the rights of sociopaths confusing criminal men in uniform assassins or rich powerful hooligans as indigents truly shows where their confused misplaced priority lies. Or a justice department led by SiRAUL O. GOONzales openly admitting electoral violations and daring people to sue him is an indication of their misplaced sense of justice. Do these numb nuts ever figure it out that they are advocating for the rights of criminals while the victims are left on their own relying on private organizations or individuals with a good heart tells you that these public servants are on the wrong side of the equation or perhaps just validating the public perception all along that birds of the same feather flock together?

Uncle, maawa po kayo sa amin” [Uncle, have mercy on us] as Beebom Castaños desperately pleading for mercy falling on deaf ears of cold blooded murderer Rodolfo Manalili, a low life scum of the earth not exactly a stranger to her. The kind of words that should haunt one with a conscience much less coming from the niece of the ex-wife of your brother surely shows a heartless sociopath belonging to the Charles Manson league of serial killers. If evil and hell exist Rodolfo Manalili surely personifies what is evil in the deepest crevices of burning hell perpetrating the most cruel horrendous crime, yet unaffectedly cold while his co-conspirator Robin Manga ties up Beboom’s hand with wire, acting as guard and lookout while Cochise Bernabe (Beebom's boyfriend) is slaughtered by his sick demented hired killers Roberto "Rambo" Lising and Felimon Garcia.

These are individuals worse than animals that will make the HBO Sopranos' television violence pale in comparison looking like a nursery child frank at the impunity and barbaric mindset surpassing even that of worse serial killers mankind has ever known. Unfortunately in Gloria Arroyo’s “due process” using “ministerial” excuse as if it was a magic wand like a lunatic thinking it erases the dastardly crime in an instant are the kind of criminals that deserves to be released back to society in complete and utter disregard of the gravity of the crime or safety and security of their surviving relatives.

As I watch the clip on big mouth Cerge Remonde the mouthpiece of one with a Garcified mandate in his lame attempt at mouthing due process (as if they have a clue what it really meant only makes one puke at their idiocy), Beebom’s mother and younger brother had since flown to the United States in fear for their own safety. Due process includes the victims but in the land of Jueteng these morons seems to concern themselves with the rights of the criminals first and foremost while ignoring the victim and their survivors fears, safety and security.

If indeed it was due process that they want us to believe then foremost among the consideration to release a cold blooded mastermind murderer back to society is to consider the victim’ and in this case the relatives of the deceased. This is one criminal willing to pay a hired killer and actively participating in the carnage, so what guarantees do the victims' relatives have that he will not do the same murderous mindless insidious cruelty all over again to get back at the relatives for pursuing the case that got him incarcerated?

Well, it seems the Comelec backdoor operator type of counting is the norm even on criminals which is sadly not surprising as election is one huge criminal enterprise run and participated by crooks in politicians clothing. It helps that you are a province mate of a cheating errr seating president and you are assured leniency and preferential treatment when you have the "right" connections. Apparently, these officials need to answer the question of Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors if indeed Rodolfo Manalili is related to Gloria Arroyo’s Kumadre Lilia Pineda the wife of allege Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda who up to now Bar Flunker Merceditas Gutierrez can’t seem to gather evidence for unexplained wealth and mother of Pampanga Jueteng errr Mayors League Dennis Pineda. Is it Jueteng that clouds their math skills that they employ the same modus operandi in their dagdag (add) bawas (subtract) in computing reduce jail sentences for "good" behavior or was it the "goodness" of Jueteng that was considered?

I don’t believe in capital punishment but with this kind of monstrosity that are sorry excuse for cowards of human beings who despite knowing they have the wrong person and Beeboms desperate plea for mercy had the gall to curse the defenseless victim to shut up as they will kill her too further traumatizing a defenseless helpless victim sensing her death hovering deep within her soul. I can’t imagine being in her situation nor any of my relatives or anyone that I remotely knew deserves to be subjected to such unimaginable experience and yet these unfeeling numb public servants had the temerity to release the mastermind while his cohorts remain in jail. These are the type of dangerous criminals that need to be condemned in solitary confinement in vermin infested dungeons for good, throw away the keys and forget they existed to prevent them from repeating their heinous crimes ever again against defenseless innocent law abiding citizens.

These are criminals bragging at the investigators at the National Bureau of Investigation that they raped the victims as if it enhanced their “manhood” not realizing that they are sick demented cowards no different from Abu Sayyaf terrorist maniacs with sexual perversion akin to that of rabies infected loose dogs on heat. So cruel and barbaric yet there seems to be a dearth of sound byte grabbing politicians seen so dramatically indignant worthy of a tele-novela series (soap operas) even going out of their way to save imaginary maid Louisa in distress but eerily quiet at this latest travesty of the Arroyo administration.

We have seen enough and heard enough from these politicians and in order for us to really appreciate and for once show their heart is with the victims why not pass a law that will ensure that the victims and their relatives are notified beforehand that the criminals responsible for the crime against them before some numb nuts who can’t even count reduce and release heinous barbaric criminals.

Create a law where there is a parole board that hears the merits of releasing a criminal in complete transparency instead of decisions who we don’t even know who decided may have been influenced by Jueteng money or succumbing to pressures in a political system based on patronage.

A law that expands the definition of “victim” related to who can attend a hearing to any victim of any crime against the person committed by the prisoner.

Allows victims to attend hearings without being asked questions by the prisoner or the prisoner’s attorney, (includes the victim, the victim’s next of kin, family members and representatives) as they have every right to be heard and listened to by the board of parole whose decision will impact their lives.

A law that allows victims, victim’s next of kin and their representatives to make statements which reasonably express their views concerning the prisoner, including, but not limited to the crimes committed, the effect of the crimes on the victim and the victim’s family, and the prisoner’s suitability for parole.

Lastly a law that impose stiffer penalties for lawmen abusing their authority in committing or engaging in criminal activity on all levels and more so for criminal masterminds hiring people in authority to commit crimes for them. That is what people want and desperately needed to hear, not some cheap sound bytes that are mostly noises that signifies nothing but hollow projection of knights in shining armor of the laughable Don Kamote errr Quixote kind........

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