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PAO’s Persida Acosta Crazy say’s Raul Gonzalez

If you believe in the saying that it takes one to recognize one then would you agree with the injustice errr Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez when he says that PAO Chief Persida Acosta is crazy? The question that my poker “buddy” Lu Tong Mancau keeps on nagging me like someone on the verge of having a Boyet Fajardo moment at how public servants tries to grab the limelight at the expense of the tragic death of Trinidad Etong wife of Ted Failon and her family.
Persida AcostaAs usual Lu Tong Mancau is as confused as PAO Chief Persida Acosta’s eager beaver attitude as to what defines an indigent since he thinks he may need her help one of this days but having a second thought on having her on his side if Raul Gonzalez happens to be right. I don’t blame Lu Tong Mancau at his apprehension since what if she is crazy, then who wants to have a loony representing you? On the other hand the justice system in the Philippines is like a loony bin so it probably makes sense to have a crazy lawyer in a crazy environment. It seems that Persida Acosta was right and yet wrong because she is sticking her nose on cases that is not in her mandate based on the report from Inq7:
“I have already called Acosta. She was trying to argue it was within her authority. I’m issuing a formal memo... she’s crazy!” Gonzalez said.

“She is trying to defend somebody not in her mandate. That is a conflict of interest. She told me she was already consulting with medico-legal experts. That’s none of her business,” he said.

Acosta said that if Failon had a hand in the shooting, “why would the in-laws be at the hospital supporting him?”

“If there is no direct evidence, it would be unfair to arrest somebody whose spouse had [attempted] suicide,” she said.
On the one hand you have police investigators that seem to always look for a short cut power trippers thinking that having a badge is a license to act like Mafiosi Lieutenants instead of following the procedure of gathering the evidence first before arresting people as a suspect. There is a reason why one is presumed innocent until proven guilty and it is upon the investigators to do their duty diligently lest they accuse innocent people of crimes they were not liable. That is also why instead of labeling people as a suspect right away without or absence of compelling evidence they are considered as mere person of interest invited instead of arrested to shed light on the case if indeed a crime was committed. Then you have a Public Attorney chief who acts like a typical politician disguising as a knight in shining armor which is more of grandstanding for that elusive free sound byte since it is a high profile case when she is not even ruining errr running for elective position. Let the lawyer of Ted Failon handle the ridiculous handling of investigation by the policeman as he is not an indigent and can well afford to hire a battery of lawyers.

Of course it does not make sense why the maids took it upon themselves to clean the bathroom. On the other hand is it possible that they don’t know any better? Is it possible that since they believe it was suicide and not a crime in their confusion thought they are doing the family a favor by cleaning the scene of the violent death to spare their employers of seeing the gruesome evidence of
Trinidad Arteche-Etong’s untimely demise?

Nothing make sense in this case and Ted Failon being a broadcaster with years of experience should know that he has to report the incident to the police but that in itself does not prove he is guilty. Ted Failon’s is in the list of Erap’s possible senatorial bets which I don’t think factors in his being a suspect or on this statement according to Senior Superintendent Elmo San Diego below:
Hindi porket high profile si Failon at critical siya sa QCPD...hindi totoong gumaganti kami kay Failon [Not because Failon is high profile and he has been critical of the QCPD, it is not true that we are taking our revenge on Failon]
Huh? Is that a slip of the tongue caught in his own stinking smell or what? Amazing how a senior police superintendent will even mention Ted Failon being critical of them when as a professional police agency these matters should not have come into the picture. Does it show their unprofessional demeanor or is this how subjective they conduct police work?

One thing that is troubling here is the way this case is handled by the abusive police using excessive force in arresting the relatives of Trinidad Arteche-Etong at a crucial time when they need to be with her for "obstruction of justice" is outright insensitive and dumb. A justice department with servant nation errrr public servants trying to steal the limelight from each other surely makes it difficult to determine if indeed they were about dispensing justice of trying to look good in the public's eye. The irony here is while these morons think that everyone is entitled to have their day in court you have a police agency that acts like a Gestapo parading “suspects” in the media and they think they are dispensing justice. My gut feel tells me it is a suicide and if this turns out to be accurate they are persecuting rather than prosecuting suspected individuals. What happens if they are found to be innocent which is most likely to happen then they are doing more irreparable harm to the family of the deceased and adding more grief and anguish to an already grieving family.

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