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Mike Defensor Blowing the Whistle Blower Jun Lozada with Arrest

In the land of cheats where lying is considered an art if you are in power, shameless onion-skinned partisan personalities close to the administration like the one dubbed as kupit Mike can get you in a lot of trouble.

The arrest of Jun Lozada over a “perjury” case filed by former Presidential Chief of Staff and senatorial candidate loser with emphasis on the later is vent on going after Jun Lozada all the way to the supreme court to clear his name. According to PDI Mike Defensor did not want Jun Lozada jailed but he is trying to fish out his refutation out of the toilet errrrr I meant for the sake of his family as he does not want his name to appear in the law books as a kidnapper. Onion-Skinned Kotong MikeWrong logic I suppose because nothing in Lozada’s statement and allegations pointed to Mike Defensor as a kidnapper but his failed attempt to persuade the later that there was no abduction attempt.

How shallow can this guy get but then again that is how he sees the world around him or was it the world was supposed to revolve around him. No surprise there and of course we respect how others raised their children and just like the wife Julie who once had a spat with Leah Navarro over a general statement not intended or directed to her personally reacted in the same onion-skinned response complete with tantrum. Bravo Mike, keep it up and you are truly sending a lasting legacy of onion-skinned manurity errrr maturity lesson to your children.

Tantrum boy is desperately trying to project an image of a reasonable man who is willing to drop the sword of Damocles errr the charges if Jun Lozada retracts that particular statement on the allege failed kidnapping attempt. Sure, sounds easy alright but retracting even just that particular statement will mean Jun Lozada is a liar and therefore all his claims on the botched anomalous ZTE-NBN deal will be in question.

A travesty indeed as Leah Navarro of Black & White Movement aptly put it and the arrogance while he is off to Lost Wages errr Las Vegas his friend Jun Lozada is languishing in jail for telling the truth which in the cheating republic is considered perjury. With a friend like the one they dubbed as kupit Mike who needs an enemy. How sad that the justice system is easily perverted used as a tool to silence those who dare speak, an irreparable damage not just to their credibility but the justice system itself no one truly sees as a legitimate venue for true justice.

The irony of irony here is that while those mentioned as key player in the botched ZTE-NBN deal like former Comelec chairman goes around unscathed not even investigated for possession of ugly face errrr impropriety in court the whistle blower are the ones faced with numerous court cases all because one dares speak out the truth.

Let us just hope that Mike Defensor gets back in town minus the swine virus lest he infects others with a deadly disease but then again his onion-skinned sensitivity is more viral I suppose that has more deadly repercussions to those he infects with his perverted concept of what is just and true.

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