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Mrs. B: A sit down dinner for the benefit of the families of the Desaparecidos

Edith BurgosThe Concerned Artist of the Philippines (CAP) will stage an event entitled Mrs. B on Saturday, April 18, 2009, 6-8 pm at Ten02 Bar (Sct. Ybardolaza cor. Timog Avenue, Q.C.). Pinky Amador will play the role of Mrs. Edith Burgos, who, up to this day, is still searching for her missing son, activist Jonas Burgos.

This also serves as a commemoration of the second year of Jonas' abduction. He was taken by a group of four unidentified men and a woman while eating inside a mall in Quezon City, April 28, 2007. To date, not a trace of Jonas was found.

Jonas was tagged by the military as a member of the New People's Army. The son of the late press freedom icon Jose Burgos, Jr, who, in his time, fought against the repressive regime of Ferdinand Marcos, Jonas chose a seemingly different yet closely related path. He continued his father's legacy of serving the country through teaching organic farming to farmers. Jonas is a member of Alyansang Magbubukid ng Bulacan.

On a personal note, meeting - and living - with the Burgoses only strengthened my belief that Jonas' disappearance is one of the most heinous crimes ever committed by the Arroyo administration. Tita Edith's kindness and warmth for me and my upcoming baby only heightened my admiration for her. I couldn't have imagined a woman of great kindness like Mrs. Burgos suffer the perverse and twisted reality of having your son abducted, disappearing without a trace. No one deserves this torture, not Tita Edith, or any of the mothers and fathers of the victims of this evil regime.

I do hope we can all come to Ten02 for this event. But more so, I hope that Jonas be found, and justice be served.

By: Angelica Carballo

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