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Gonzales says Sue ME!

Reacting to the reporters regarding Beltran's impending complaint against him and the government for his unjust incarceration, here is another one of those arrogant and ignorant quotes from the Secretary of Injustice SiRaulO Gonzales;

“You just want to magnify this kind of story. You want to make Mr. Beltran feel big, like a giant, when he is a pygmy.”

The militant lawmaker’s case would allow the government to earn money through the filing fee.

Gonzales never cease to amaze people for continually embarrassing himself in public that the Developmentally Unfit Movement Brigade better known as
DUMB has given Gonzales their most coveted award.

Devanadera a former Mayor of a Southern Tagalog province started her career “well” as the Lawyer of Nani Perez in a Sandigambayan case then appointed as Government Corporate Counsel before taking the Solicitor General position. Until................. she started working under SiRaulO. Gonzales. Is it in the air or what? What was she thinking questioning the decision of the Supreme Court based on what……. their complaint? Duh, it seems she may have read their legal gobbledygook that she mistook for the SC decision, for that she shares the distinction with her boss and gets the coveted AWARD from DUMB.

Special honorable mention also went to the following members of the persecution team garnering the dunce hat errrr trophies for excellence in procedural errors;

Emmanuel Velasco, Joselita Mendoza, Aileen Marie Gutierrez, Irwin Maraya, and Merba Waga.

Meanwhile I have submitted to various yahoo groups some question and reaction if any to the Supreme Court decision, as follows;

Do you agree with Devanera, Bunye and others that the "Time-honored and well-established principles on criminal law and procedure were seemingly trampled upon" in the Supreme Court decision favoring the Batasan 6?

How should we the citizen, migrants, or dual citizen react to this ruling? The implication of the ruling may have a far reaching consequence (not from malacanang stand point) in terms of human rights and the way the state treats political dissenters. There is a need to hold the DOJ and those responsible accountable in the manner and method they use in abusing political dissenters.

One of the responses I got was from the Movement for a Free Philippines member Fidel Umaga which I reproduced here in its entirety;

It is not surprising to see Devanera and Bunye et al. ranting before the high heavens about the decision of the SC on the Batasan 6. Their hypocrisy as the people's guardians of the law is only equaled by their audacity to mangle the law they are sworn to uphold.

Consider the haste that characterized the prosecutors' actions in filing those cases against Beltran et.al.

Consider the prosecutors' brazen disregard of the many procedures of the law which are designed precisely to protect the rights of the accused in cases of the same nature as those filed against Beltran et. al.

Consider the unbridled public display of political partisanship by the Secretary of the Department of Justice in handling the prosecution of the cases of Beltran et. al, the very head of the prosecutorial arm of the government who, by the very nature of his job, is mandated by law to remain objective.

Consider the visceral nullity of the decision of the DOJ to elevate those cases against Beltran et. al. at the expense of the right of the accused to substantive due process.

The nullity that attended the investigation and filing of the cases against Beltran et. al. was so REPUGNANT that it could not allow any curative measure such as any reinvestigation of the cases or the refilling of the proper information with the proper court except the outright dismissal and reversal of the DOJ's position.

The feigned posturing of Davenera et.al. in the wake of double-bitch slaps they received from the Supreme Court in the cases of Beltran et.al. could not overshadow this NATION-SAVING DOCTRINE of our Supreme Court that it will countenance only the RULE OF LAW and never the RULE BY LAW. This sancrosanct body has been quite consistent in this HOPE giving doctrine in several recent cases involving the repression of the constitutional rights of our people by the current government.

In fine, the SC in the cases of Beltran et.al. vs. DOJ, declares in so many words that law is an art of the good and the just. Jus est ars boni et aequi.

Therefore, characters like Raul, Devanera and their pursuivants have no place at the DOJ or in any office with authority. They are, by their very actions in authority, before and now, deemed toxic to public service or to any service for that matter.

In Filam-Forum Yahoo Groups Emiliano Garchitorena commented on how the concerned citizens are poorly organized that they only react instead of pro-actively tackling the human rights issue head on. He further stressed the need for Batasan 6 to lead the way in upholding human rights but hardly sees the effect nor was it appreciated. Is it time to look for other alternatives he asked? How about you what do you think?

Click on the Hall of Shame Award images above to read the Supreme Court Decision.

Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer PARODY: No such award exists. This is a social commentary on DOJ personality who hides behind a facade of legal authority even as they mangle the law with their time honored gobbledygook’s on procedure and practice. This political parody may be reproduced, in written publications and on the Internet, but only in its entirety and without modification or alteration of any kind for nonprofit and noncommercial purposes, without further permission of the Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer Blog.

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