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Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's 8th SONA Spits errr Speech & The Truman Show Delusion

Would you believe that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's spits errr 8th SONA speech took a total of 4,609 words, 28,331 characters (w/ spaces), 118 paragraphs, 505 lines, totaling 12 long pages and the message she sent out was loud (loud but not clear) and absurd........ absurd enough that it can be reduced to a 1 liner instead of 505 lines or just 4 letters instead of the 28,331 characters she shoved on the marginalized Filipino people thus Manuel Buencamino of Uniffors was yawning in boredom. LIES, that is exactly what it meant and with all the pomposity, glitter (real blinding diamonds) and glamor amidst the stark poverty that surrounds the complex complete with Butasan Pambansa (House of Representatives) renovation just so an illegitimate president can spit errr do her long speech of lies is just not worth our time.
Well, a number of bloggers just can’t resist dissecting and commenting on her worthless but tele-novella voluminous speech that can be likened to spitting at the Pagpag eating sector of the poorest of the poor so let me just point you in that direction. DJ of Philippine Commentary posted the whole spits almost ruining his blog with halitosis and one on Pulse Asia SONA Survey Was Propaganda, Just Like the SONA due to the manner or how they construct the questionnaire. I say I kind of agree with his premise and they could have gotten a more accurate survey had they posed a different set of questionnaire starting with did you even bother to listen or read the spits errr SONA speech. I for one never bothered to read the whole text after watching some snippets on the idiot box I just have to skip it in my desire to hang on to my sanity. There is a saying in the vernacular that goes like this: Ang Pumatol sa sira ulo ay mas sira ang ulo (One who takes on a fool is a bigger fool), with that in mind and seeing the delusional president literally dwarfed her achievements with thousands of words it just shows that there was really no achievement but pure blah blah blah of someone really losing it.

Anyway, if you are into this SONA here are some blogs to consider:
Jen Jen had her 2008 My Last Hurrah, hopefully it was but at the rate the tongress mobs acts like her Mafiosi lieutenants this yearly spits may well extend beyond 0210 (sounds like fart) errr 2010. Maverick of Equalizer can’t help exposing Gloria Arroyo’s passing off discounted cellular text as her doing when it was merely a promotional gimmick but hey that is what liars do, they lie so no surprise there. You can also visit Angela at Stuart-Santiago’s Kontra-Sona, Kabelle’s Top Ten Lies in Arroyo SONA, Mount Balatucan's SONA: “An Annual Lying Ritual”-Sen. Pimentel, “State of NO Achievement” - Rep. Guingona III, and Nina at Underside posted 2008 SONA where I found the video titled Destination Anywhere that was posted by Moo Pare at the comment section.that is if you still have the stomach for it.

As you can see most if not all the bloggers reacting to La Napoleona’s halitosis spits errr speech sums it all up in just 4 bold letters or one word…. LIES. Now what has Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's
8th SONA Spits errr Speech & The Truman Show Delusion got in common?

The Truman Show Delusion is a newly diagnosed mental illness by 2 brothers both Montreal shrinks where sufferers are convinced their life is one big reality show, here is a quote from NY Post:
Psychologist brothers Joel and Ian Gold, who are writing a paper about the illness, have treated five men, all between the ages of 25-34, for the disorder.

"I realized that I was and am the center, the focus of attention by millions and millions of people," one patient told the doctors.

"My family and everyone I knew were and are actors in a script, a charade whose entire purpose is to make me the focus of the world's attention."

"The delusions we treat are narrow," Dr. Joel Gold told Canada's National Post newspaper. "There is Capgras Delusion, where someone will think his family has been replaced by doubles.

"Or the Fregoli Delusion, where someone believes that one person is persecuting him," he says.

The Truman Show Delusion, though, involves the entire world.
See the similarity here, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has the same symptoms that are even on a larger scale than those suffering the Truman Show Delusion and she suffers not by her lonesome but her tongress supporters are in it too. They seem to concoct their own reality of lies following in the footsteps of Goebbels but with a twist, instead of having an effect on the population they are the ones that are convinced by the web of lies they concocted. I wonder if Joel and Ian Gold the Montreal based shrinks are willing to diagnose La Gloria de Napoleona, what will they call it? I vote for Garcified Math Delusion or perhaps Halitosis Ingested Spit Syndrome, how about you what will you call Gloria Arroyo and her minions mental illness?

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