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Sharon Tate Convicted Killer Susan Atkins Still in the Lam

The debate rages on whether Sharon Tate Convicted Killer Susan Atkins still in the lam deserved compassionate release. Maybe I have loss compassion but I still cannot see any compelling reason why she should be released. On the contrary if there is anyone that deserved to be released here is none other than the taxpayers. I say free the taxpayers of the burden of spending much needed resources that benefits law abiding citizens than convicted cold killers.

It is just unbelievable that a remorseless brutal murderer who never gave her victims a sliver of compassion despite her pleas to let her live for the sake of her unborn child was killed anyway, saying she has no mercy for her. Not content with her barbaric attacks on her victim after the killing even tasted her blood and used it to write “Pig” on the wall

If you think about it these sociopaths are playing the system and taking advantage of society’s humanity and compassion. The state has spent US$1.4 million for her medical care (brain cancer) and security while a good number of Californians with no insurance or under insured are left in a quandary how to pay for their medical bills. Here is Susan Atkins a sociopath convict whose million dollar bill is shouldered by the taxpaying public some of whom don’t even have health insurance.

Yeah, released her to her family and supporters, let them foot the medical cost and let us see how far their compassion goes.

While the state cut backs on education budget we have convicts taxing state resources to the tune of US$1.4 million which would have been put to better use in shaping responsible law abiding citizens of the future. The state spending so much money and to this day has not shown any remorse is just ridiculous, talk about the Christian doctrine of giving your other cheek so you can get slapped silly is just incredulous. Mind you she did not slap her victims she brutally murdered innocent victims that has not done anything wrong to her by any stretch of imagination and yet she asked for compassionate release?

Karma that what it is, she reaped what she sow but of course no one would wish what she is going through for anyone but in the same vein who would wish to be where she puts her victim? She is suffering now no doubt about that, but her victims and their families are still suffering the pain and anguish so why should she deserve special consideration?

What’s up with these criminals anyway? These criminals it seems are able to hide under the umbrella of humanity and compassion while some through constitutional free speech as if they are law abiding citizens without any debt to society. Why they even have websites, selling their "artworks" and advertising for a pen pal soliciting funds to those gullible enough to be scammed by these convicted death row inmates. Talk about the leveraging power of the internet, where the likes of convicted wife killer and her unborn child Scott Peterson insulting the justice system with his "wrongful conviction" appealing for support is just unreal. How about a serial killer like Charles Ng convicted of murdering 16 young men describing himself on the internet as shy while offering his "wildlife artworks" is just grotesque. Why that is just like a door to door salesman peddling his ware and offering friendship is just bizarre. What's up with this commercial servers anyway giving this scums of the earth online space? Could it be about hits, more hits means potential big revenue so do they even care if they have sociopaths in their servers?

I wonder what exactly goes inside their perverted sociopath mind when they get away with these perks able to enjoy freedom when they have denied their victims their very fundamental basic right to live. Dregs of society and yet we are concerned about their welfare, but how about their victims and those they left behind should we not be more concerned about them? One's individual human rights should end when other individuals' rights are trampled, so how far can we take it?

Tribute to Sharon Tate

Another Tribute or go to Sharon Tate...I wish I could turn back time
UPDATE 7/16/08

Its final Susan Atkins plea for compassionate release denied, a fitting quote from Anthony DiMaria, the nephew of Jay Sebring, a hairdresser killed with Sharon Tate says it all:

"To sum up these murders in terms of cost efficiency trivializes the victims' lives and the lifelong impact on the victims' families," he said, reading a statement toward the end of the hearing.

"In my mother's words, 'Susan Atkins repeatedly committed crimes requiring full premeditation and executed them in a cavalier manner that afforded her victims no mercy,' " DiMaria continued.

"You will hear various opinions and perspectives today. But you will hear nothing from the many people who lie in their graves.
Indeed, what about the victims?

UPDATE: Susan Denise Atkins died at 11:46 p.m. PT Thursday (2:46 a.m. Friday ET) September 24, 2009 at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.

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