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Jonas Burgos’ Ma Editha Burgos Dealt a Big Blow by the Court of Appeals

Victory once again for the barbaric human rights violators with the court of appeals Associate Justice Rosalinda Asuncion-Vicente dismissing the case filed by Editha Burgos for a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

The court deemed the evidence presented by Editha Burgos as “hearsay” and therefore inadmissible in the court of injustice errr justice. Well excuse my ignorance but who in his right mind in the military at that will readily own up to the evidence presented by Editha Burgos? It makes you wonder if the court of appeals is so out of it that they are dealing with cub scouts and not the military scalawags establishing a refutation for disappearances and killings of mostly political activist.

The court “believes” that petitioner Editha Burgos failed to establish the “direct link” of the abduction to the military, are they saying they expect the military to come up with a paper trail every time they commit illegal acts of political abduction?

The vehicle used in the abduction with license plate TAB-194 a maroon Toyota Revo was traced to the impound lot of the 56th Infantry Battalion and all it takes for the military to weasel themselves out of responsibility was to declare they lost the license plate. Now talk about being fair, while they treat the petitioner like a camel passing though a needle all the military has to do is say they lost the plate and no further explanation is needed for the court to take their “honorable” word for it.

This brings us back to that shootout between the military allegedly under Palparan and Jon Jon Villanueva a mayoral candidate, the son of Jesus is Lord Movement evangelist leader Eduardo "Brother Eddie" Villanueva with his armed bodyguards in Bulacan where Jonas Burgos lived who was involved in a shootout. Guess what they found these scalawags were carrying…. 3 extra license plates. See the pattern here, what was the purpose of military men carrying extra license plates? Criminals normally carry extra license plates to carry out illegal activities so what is the business of military men carrying extra license plates, go to a family picnic?

Really now, and the court has no problem concluding the evidence on the order of battle as forged or faked document because it was not signed, and do they expect a political abduction mission to be fully documented? Hmmmmn, so the court says that due to the document not having been signed and some error on the entry they have no problem concluding that it was faked because they “suspected” it was.

Not content with giving the petitioner a hard time and this is after more than a year they handed out their incredulous decision which actually defeats the purpose of the petition of saving the life of the abducted they wanted to identify the person who sent the anonymous email. There is a valid reason why the email was sent anonymously which the court seems to miss, it is for self preservation. Unless one is suicidal or wanted to be another state witness to be like Acsa Ramirez shamelessly accused by the president no less as a principal suspect then the court cannot expect people in the know to just step out in the open.

So what happens now? While they pointed out the shallow investigation of the PNP and the military as inconclusive how can the family of Jonas Burgos have closure if the Habeas Corpus is dismissed? If celebrated cases like this fails to get justice what more with the poor victims of political abduction and killings? This is precisely why there is a culture of impunity and if this development does not alarm Filipinos I don’t know what will?

What is odd is when the court acknowledge the shallow PNP (Philippine national Police) investigation but stops short of ordering the police to conduct a thorough investigation was when they reminded the "parties" not to discuss the case or they can get cited for contempt. Say what now? the court just dismissed the case and no one is allowed to discuss it smacks of bully tactics, why are they so insecure of their decision that they bully the parties to accept it no matter how ridiculous was the decision? No surprise there, that's how medieval tribal society in the Philippines work, everything is left hanging at the expense of the victims and their families while the perpetrators wantonly disregard the rule of law and the victims are bullied to silence. Yeah, like the military and police will do something to get the scalawags when they see criminal Mafiosi like a medieval tribe banding together to protect their own......... just look at how tongress banded together like a mob to protect their president..........

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Source: Court rules against Jonas Burgos’ mother

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