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James Yap the New Sprint Sensation

Recah Trinidad is asking if James Yap is a shoo-in for the Philippine national track team. Well Recah need not ask, I have seen this guy run and there is no doubt that James Yap is the new sprint sensation. Unlike Manny Pacquiao who holds 4 title belts gladly giving up his super featherweight title and just stick to his title at the lightweight division, all James Yap is holding is his popularity in the bola bola (ball ball yikes that did not sound well in Filipino) errr in the Philippine Basketball Association. James Yap just broke Jay Leno’s book of hilarious world record, no I did not say the Guinness book of world records beating by a hair the Philippine Army Iraq contingent in the 500 meter dash, I am wondering if he will have to choose between basketball and running?

Recah thinks the millionaire ball player should be expecting a call from Go Teng Kok, president of the national track and field association, anytime soon. Adding they should be able to hit it off well and I could not agree more.

I have seen the news clip and it was hilarious if not pathetically funny when Yap acting like a brat kicked Talk ‘N Text import Terrence Leather from behind. What was he thinking or better yet what was he smoking anyway that by kicking someone in the back who is obviously bigger than him will save his teammate Jordan Salvador who shoved the ball at leather? Come to think of it he actually saved his teammate from Leather who must have been so exhausted to even think of kicking his teammate’s butt while trying to catch the new sprint sensation running like an Olympian.

Poor Kris, she must be so disappointed seeing her knight in shining armor was all shine and armor but not much of a savior if we go by the way he scampered to safety like his life depended on it. Well actually it is just his butt that is in the line here or maybe the embarrassment of getting slapped silly, but then again running like a sprinter is even more embarrassing isn't it? For one he definitely do not measure up especially when one finds himself in the family of a true hero Ninoy Aquino. Whatever Kris saw in him behind his back is definitely not a halo it is his bloated ego...........

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