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Merceditas Gutierrez Gains Allies in Tongress Against Dennis Villa-Ignacio

Special prosecutor Dennis Villa-Ignacio’s fight to ward off his detractors at the Ombudsman just got more difficult when Merceditas Gutierrez gains allies in Tongress.

The lady with a Hall of Lame award for dismal acquittal record and onetime bar flunker as she was fondly described by Manay errr Manoy Ernie Maceda position just got better. Who cares if her record is dismal her supporters are no better anyway so why not rush to her side like what medieval tribes do but with a Mafiosi twist.

Amazing indeed how these Mafiosi mobs shows their ignorance and lack of principle, to quote GMA News:
North Cotabato Rep. Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza in describing Villa-Ignacio’s tirades against Gutierrez as “too childish and very ungentleman-like" and does not sit well on his position as special prosecutor.

“If he is confident that the case against him has no legal basis, a good lawyer like him can always defend himself in court," she said of Villa-Ignacio’s claim that he is being subjected to “pure harassment" when Gutierrez gave due course to an estafa (fraud) case filed against him by his deputy Elvira Chua.
What was that all about? Oh, please spare us the agony. In the first place the complaint of estafa (fraud) filed by Erlinda Chua should have been dismissed outright for lack of merit since there was no deceit, criminal intent, or the money ending up in Villa-Ignacio’s pocket. It went to Gawad kalinga fer christ sake... the complainant was fully aware and should have stopped her boss if she did not want her donation going to GK. So why Estafa and why did the IAB gave the case due course and worse without the docket that specifies the time the accused can file his counter affidavit? Smacks of railroading I suppose but does that surprise us? Of course not, they are the law so they do as they please.

What a joke these people at the non-performing anti-graft body with Assistant Ombudsman Jose de Jesus Jr., the agencies' spokesman, saying Villa-Ignacio was wrong in his perception that supporters of Ombudsman Ma. Merceditas Gutierrez are ganging up on him. Further dishing out their bola bola (spin not ball ball) that there were no plans to suspend Villa-Ignacio. If that is the case why did they went along with the frivolous lawsuit of Estafa? So is he saying that Villa-Ignacio is to be treated differently?

It seems Cavite Rep. Jesus Crispin “Boying" Remulla was quick on the draw like a fake cowboy on insinuating that Villa-Ignacio was coveting Gutierrez's position. So quick to draw his conclusion but did he even take the time to look into Elvira Chua’s disciplinary action by Dennis Villa-Ignacio for mishandling a celebrated case?

As if on cue convicted/pardoned ousted but not resigned former Jueteng nation president Joseph "Asiong Salongat" Estrada as if in a chorus with Remulla says that Dennis Villa-Ignacios "ambition" to be the Ombudsman was behind all these hullabaloo. How about you shut your trap Erap, you are a convict and the person you are criticizing is the one responsible for your conviction.

Yeah, yeah even house Speaker Prosepero “Nogi Boy” Nograles joining the fray on the grounds that Dennis Villa-Ignacio’s attack was based on “speculation” and “paranoia.” Really, exactly was he referring to the Office of the Ombusman spending 996,000 pesos for a 10-day observation trip to Denver Colorado that Villa-Ignacio exposed on ANC?

Then we have Rep. Antonio Cerilles of Zamboanga del Sur saying it is “unfair" to claim that the conviction rate dropped under Gutierrez’s term, compared to her predecessor Simeon Marcelo, since most convictions were filed during Gutierrez’s predecessors. What a surprise, of course we expect this kind of argument from pork bellied errr pork barrel starved solons. The fact is under the watch of Merceditas Gutierrez the dismal record of conviction speaks for itself and it does not matter on whose term it was filed since it is now her responsibility. How about citing all the data instead of just the 47 cases when the total number of disappointing cases was 97, here is the total picture:

The conviction rate record this year has been dismal. Based on data prepared by OSP supervising administrative officer Severo Sotto, out of 97 decided cases by the anti-graft court, only 14 led to convictions or a 14.43 percent average from January to June this year.

In March, 21 cases led to acquittal and only one led to conviction. The May data was even worse: out of 29 decided cases, only one led to conviction.
Patricio Mangubat in his entry Crime most foul cites the talk going the rounds of coffee shop:
Some coffee shop habitués say Villa-Ignacio is just being made a "sacrificial lamb" by the Arroyo camp who's now engaged in political talks with the Erap camp. His ouster could have been one of the possible "concessions" or "negotiating" points put forward by the Erap camp.

If that's the case, then, that's a betrayal of the highest order! Is that the reward for those 6 years spent by Villa-Ignacio in researching and attending those trials which led to the conviction of Erap?
Now really, maybe the tongress mob should just stick their noses on their probes in aid of Sulpicio Lines errr legislation and passed laws that the Philippines can actually enforce instead of rushing to the aid of Merceditas Gutierrez a known Mike Arroyo ally and former classmate.

Since da hood in Tongress insist on their partisan mafiosi attitude the issue here really is all about Incomptence spelled with BIG capital I. Think about it folks, that is if the tongress mob allies of Merceditas Gutierrez are capable of thinking, Elvira Chua's filing of "Estafa" or fraud charges against Villa-Ignacio only shows her lack of understanding of the law. As if this is not bad enough they actually tried to pass it off as a legitimate complaint so if this is the kind of people that runs the Ombudsman maybe it is about time to rethink the position of the bar flunker as it really shows so baaaad. This also explains why the acquittal is so ridiculously high compared to a guilty or no verdict during bad hair days. In contrast Jocelyn "Joc Joc" Bolante has never been charge in a fertilizer scam worth hundreds of millions of pesos allegedly diverted to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's campaign kitty. How can they see the "crime" of Estafa involving some measly thousands of pesos that went to a good cause and organization like Gawad Kalinga fully acknowledge complete with receipt, while they seem blind or perhaps blinded by the hundreds of millions in the fertilizer scam is a clear indication why they have such dismal record.

While they connive and gang up on Dennis Villa-Ignacio the criminals are just too happy watching the Ombudsman on the sidelines probably amused at how they make a fool of themselves together with their tongress allies. In the meantime Rodolfo "Bong" Pineda to this day has not been indicted while the principal accused Joseph Estrada has been convicted and pardoned, those that was supposed to be indicted with him are having a Jueteng merry ways. But then again, I really want to see Mr. Dennis Villa-Ignacio fight on and never let up………….. surrender is not an option or let the culture of impunity prevail in the land of cheats run by incompetent mobsters.

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