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USAFFE, Southern Leytenos to mark milestones

On the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the founding of the Province of Southern Leyte, a dinner and ball will be held at the the Long Beach Marriott Hotel starting at 6 p.m. on July 19. According to Frank "Boy" Cadavos, president of the Southern Leyte of Southern California, there will be live entertainment, food and surprise features during the event.

For tickets and additional information, please contact anyone of the following: Mary Jean Nombrado, 310-952-9345; Emie Piramide, 310-513-0821;Ofelia Botsacos, 562-889-0196; and Yoyeen Cordovez, 714-6861099. The venue is located at 4700 Airport Plaza Dr., Long Beach, California 90815.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jenny L. Batongmalaque, executive director of the Filipino Veterans Foundation, announced that a "Celebration of Survival" will mark the 67th anniversary of the establishment of the USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Far East) during World War II. At that time President Roosevelt integrated the Philippines Commonwealth Army into the American Forces in the Philippines.

The following will be honored with the Legacy Medal of Honor, namely: Col. Edwin Price Ramsey, the last American Cavalry officer and leader of a vast guerrilla resistance movement in Central Philippines; Commodore Ramon Alcaraz, the former Captain of the Q-Boat who escorted Gen. Douglas MacArthur and party through hostile enemies to assume his new assignment in Australia; and General Tagumpay Nanadiego, a former buck private who survived the infamous Death March only to end as a P.O.W. at Camp O'Donnell, in Capas.

Champions of Filipino veterans in Congress who were responsible for the recent passage of the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act will be given the Legislative Leadership Award, namely: Senator Daniel Akaka, chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee; Rep. Bob Filner, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee; and Senator Daniel Inouye.

To be given the Leadership Award are L.A. Supervisor Yvonne Burke; Col. Joseph Smith, director of Military and Veterans Affairs of the County of Los Angeles; and Col. Ralph Ramirez. educator and archivist of California Military History, which chronicles the participation of the Filipino WWII Veterans. Dr. Batongmalaque can be reached at drjennyb@earthlink.net.

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