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The Drama Intensifies at the Philippine Ombudsman

The plot thickens and the drama intensifies at the Philippine Ombudsman as prosecutors taking the sides of top honcho Merceditas Gutierrez dissed out their counter offensive to discredit Dennis Villa-Ignacio. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez vs Dennis Villa-IgnacioThe latest to come out of the closet errr out in the open in a praise ooops press conference held at Club Filipino are Deputy Special Prosecutor John Turalba supported by Robert Kallos, Jesus Micael and Wendell Barrera-Sulit. The three stooges’ errr deputy special prosecutors are asking Dennis Villa-Ignacio to resign due to the problem they said he caused.

Among those present at the Club Filipino but not as assertive in asking for Villa Ignacio’s resignation were Bureau Directors Manuel Soriano, Jr., Danilo Lopez, Cornelio Somido and Raymundo Julio Olaguer and prosecutors Victor Pascual and Rabendranath Uy. All of these characters cannot afford to displease their boss Merceditas Gutierrez who can fire them anytime for no apparent reason unlike Villa-Ignacio’s whose term is guaranteed.

It seems that they have a goat with Monica Villa-Ignacio who they complained had a bad temper and they were at the receiving end. That is a human resources issue which they can resolve internally and their public airing of their complaint is an indication of a disorganized agency with a top management composed of immature inexcusable dumb asses errr executives.

Turalba’s contention that the OSP (Office of the Special Prosecutor) is ‘burning down’ all because of a falling out between two best friends namely Monica Villa-Ignacio, special assistant to her dad Dennis and Elvira Chua who sued her boss for Estafa (Fraud).

What is interesting to note is while the gang errr camp of Merceditas Gutierrez supporters voiced out the falling out, they failed to state what exactly is the reason behind it all. Although the reason for the falling out has no bearing on what is transpiring at the agency, it is noteworthy and interesting to know what really happened. Dennis Villa-Ignacio seems to offer a reason at least partially, which I quote from this ABS-CBN News article:
Villa-Ignacio said the friendship ended when his daughter realized that Chua had "other intentions… on the special prosecutor."
Oh gee, I don’t want to speculate or insinuate what exactly did he mean by “other intentions” but assuming it was meant as you know what, then whatever strong bond there is will of course crumble.

Does that mean that Elvira Chua has a score to settle like a scorned woman errr ok let us not put a love triangle angle here, this is not your usual soap opera but how can we explain the Estafa (Fraud) complaint she filed against Villa-Ignacio? Unless the agency hires intellectually challenge prosecutors then that should explain the lawsuit but then again when they actually entertained the lawsuit does that mean that the agency itself are members of Developmentally Unfit Movement Brigade or DUMB for short of Raul Gonzales DOJ?

But then again knowing that Merceditas Gutierrez biggest qualification for the post was being a classmate of the First Boor errr First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and being a bar flunker according Ernie Maceda what are the chances that the agency are composed of incompetents?

In the meantime the likes of Rodolfo "Bong" Pineda's plunder indictment is yet to materialize..... but then again nothing surprise as anymore in an administration with questionable mandate....... for whatever its worth just go ahead and sign the
Petition of the Pampanga Anti-Gambling Coalition

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