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Chiman Rai Father-in-Law from HELL!

Chiman Rai, 68 also known as C. L. Rai a former university professor and businessman former owner of Wee Land Grocery store sentenced to life for ordering a hit against her daughter-in-law Sparkle Michelle Reid Rai……. for being black. Now how can you hate someone so bad that you have to pay $10,000 to kill of all people your son’s wife and mother to your grandchild is just so sick? What is wrong with divorce anyway? Oh I get it, who wants to pay alimony and child support geez talk about misplaced priorities. Chiman Rai Father-in-Law From HellChiman Rai is of Indian descent a former mathematics professor at historically Black Alcorn State University in Jackson, Mississippi was not pleased with his son’s inter-racial marriage made every effort to break up the relationship. Failing to do so made a decision to send a contract out to kill her 22 year-old daughter-in-law Sparkle Michelle Rai.

Chiman Rai's accomplishes are charged with murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, possession of a firearm and knife during the commission of a felony and conspiracy to commit a crime are Willie Fred Evans, 74; Herbert Green, 60; Cleveland Clark, 49; and Carl Clark, 43.

Amazingly it seems that this guy never did the math he being a former math professor ought to have figured this one out easily. But then again it does not help when one is ignorant and racist thus he opted to scale down his lifestyle from living in a mansion to a jail cell. Not very smart I should say, what's up with this guy?

Chiman Rai
according to the prosecutor ordered a hit because the inter-racial marriage to a black person and their bi-racial child would bring “shame” on his family in his native India. Shame, now how ignorant can one get? What he did is beyond shame that really tarnished their family and in case he does not realize this once the child of Sparkle, Analla is grown she will have a hard time understanding that her grandpa is responsible for her mothers killing.

As a father he seems on the right track to encourage his children to go for higher education which Rajeeve “Ricky” Rai the widower of Sparkle Michelle Reid Rai was not at par with his brothers and sisters who went on to graduate schools. Well, for one the message he sent to Ricky was loud and clear who after the murder of his wife decided to finish his schooling earning a business degree and re-married an Indian woman.

The new wife never knew of the previous marriage as Ricky never told his new wife about the murder and has not even visited his daughter Allana.
I don’t know how one should react in cases like this, is it because he fears that if the new wife knew of his past that the wife may have backed out?

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