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Dennis Alcoreza & the Manila City Hall Councilors Tear Jerker Drama Against Alfredo Lim

Remember the saying you can’t fight City Hall? Everyone knows you can’t win fighting City Hall but what happens when the fight is within City Hall? Well that is exactly what is happening with Dennis Alcoreza & the Manila City Hall Councilors Tear Jerker Drama against Alfredo Lim over their “victim hood” portrayal giving Korean Tele-Novellas a run for their money. Who do you think will win? Will it be Alfredo Lim the Mayor or Dennis Alcoreza and his kuligs errr colleagues in the city council? Maybe the question should be who will lose instead of who will win because the losers are definitely the taxpaying public in the city of Manila. Why is that? For one the drama is so pathetic and incorrigible a show window on the state of partisan politics based on personal loyalty and vested interest out in the open as if it was normal with a copy cat city council mimicking their tongress counterpart. Would you believe these jokers are also conducting probes ala tongress “in aid of legislation” complete with privilege spit errr speech? Heck what has gotten into these people, fer cryin’ out loud who do they think they are? Pork Barrel fed Congress people?

Jokers indeed, the gallery was so fool errr full of drama with Dennis Alcoreza's kuligs errr colleagues resigning their committee membership which Itchie G. Cabayan of Journal Online thinks maybe a "moro-Moro" (a farce). According to the observations of UP-Manila students who were at the gallery during the break of the session that some staff of the councilors who were in the gallery that positions "vacated" will be filled up just the same during a subsequent "reorganization." In a "reorganization" wherein these same jokers will be voting among themselves to fill up the vacant positions serving as an opportunity to ease out those they "dislike."

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The “tear jerker” (Yeah, I am tearing up laughing so hard at how pathetic these people are, not out of sympathy) unfolded when city hall short on its budget started levying delinquent business establishments. One of the firms targeted was DEALCO Farms, Inc a family owned corporation of Delfin Alcoreza the father of Dennis Alcoreza who won a council cheat errr seat in the first district of Manila last May 14, 2007. DEALCO Farms, Inc. entered into a 25-year lease with the former city administration to rehabilitate and modernize the abattoir in Vitas, Tondo, a 22,000 square meter facility to maintain it in accordance with health and sanitation standards set by the National Meat Inspection Commission. Nothing unusual there except some violations of the contract here and there according to the Manila City Hall’s website.

The drama with a flavor of victim mentality ala human rights “violation proportion” started when City Hall took over the facility for non-payment of taxes and contract violations such as the unsanitary conditions among other things to which the employees complied leaving the premises peacefully while Dennis Alcoreza and his wife together with DEALCO Farms, Inc. officers defied the order to vacate the facility was forcefully carried out and removed by the Police of the City of Manila.

What was the Manila Police thinking when they forcefully evicted DEALCO Farms, Inc. officers? Don’t they know that they are dealing with a cheating errr seating Council member of their city? Dennis Alcoreza and Joyce Alcoreza among the officers bodily carried out by the police complained to the Human Rights Commission. Exactly what is their beef? I have no clue especially when PO1 Efryl Rose Francisco and SPO1 Ruby Hilado of Station 1 said a medico-legal report showed they were stabbed with a ball pen, bitten and scratched by Dealco official Joyce Alcoreza as they escorted her out. There are real victims of human rights abuse out there and for these jokers to waste the time and resources of the commission only shows the pathetic state of the nation gone mad and incorrigible.

Going back to where it all started it appears according to the City Hall website that DEALCO, Farms Inc., violated the lease contract by transferring the lease of the facility to Meatworld a company with the same incorporators as DEALCO Farms, Inc. Exactly why will they do that, the contract stipulates they remit 1%, rental payments and other obligations to the city which they failed for the past 8 years despite earning billions of pesos each year of operation. According to Lim they DEALCO Farms, Inc., failed to remit over P46 million in supposed city revenue from the slaughterhouse for the past eight years. Now why will they transfer the lease to another company that they also own? No, I did not say for hanky panky but one thing is sure this will be part of the complaint to be filed with the Ombudsman against Dennis Alcoreza for conflict of interest. How this will play out in Merceditas Gutierrez Ombudsman dismal conviction records remains to be seen but then again, this is Alfredo Lim they are dealing with so let us see.

Well, on the modernizing part of the contract they actually did by installing a spacious fitness gym and recreation center. Wow, good job like the workers need exercise in their back breaking job so maybe the purpose was for the pigs and cows to be fit and have some fun before they are slaughtered? Not! Guess who benefits from the “modernization” that has nothing to do with the abattoir but the owners and officers of both firms owned by the same people.

The city council members showing tribal partisanship at its worse wants a recall against Mayor Alfredo Lim, and should they succeed this is one for the books. It will be a triumph for deadbeats and open conflict of interest what with the number of deadbeats Lim inherited from the former Talibani Mayor Lito Atienza. The City Treasurer Erlinda Marteja in her report to Mayor Alfredo Lim said the city has conducted 29 auctions after issuing warrant of levy against those with outstanding obligations to the city. She said in the first batch of those covered by warrants of levy, there were 100 delinquent taxpayers. The second batch has 300, Marteja said. Maybe the council members should reconsider their position but then again there seems to be no clear demarcation line that separates private interest and public interest in a political system gone awry.

My money is on Alfredo Lim but what makes me wonder is had there been no drama will the city even bother to run after Dennis Alcoreza for conflict of interest and graft charges? If Dennis Alcoreza can openly do this as if they are not in violation of the graft and corrupt practices, how many more like him are out there doing the same treating the crime as SOP? It appears that Mayor Lim is willing to "settle" the matter on the condition that Alcoreza's firm pay their dues, the only problem here is and I hope the "settle part" Lim refers to is all about personal differences. If the complaint the city filed with the Ombudsman is proven then it is not for Lim to decide because the violation was against the taxpaying citizens of Manila for which the culprit should be held responsible and accountable.

Is this a human rights violation issue? I don't think so, perhaps we can say it is a cheap shot not even on a very long shot. If there is any rights violated here it is definitely not the owners and officers of DEALCO Farms, Inc. but the meat dealers and the consumers for exposing them to health hazards due to the unsanitary condition of the facilities. They defied and dared the police to drag and carry them out physically and willfully preventing the police to enforce their lawful order so they got what they deserve....... no wonder the left is having a fit or maybe these politicians are not paying attention or greed takes the better of them when they hear them repeatedly shout Down with Bureaucrat Capitalism!

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