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Gloria Arroyo's Party to Partner with Communist Party of China

Now we have seen it all, and off all things seeing the ruling minority elites of the Philippines partnering with the communist party. A party anchored on the proletariat that is losing their mass base of membership from the agrarian sector. If the reports are accurate a partnership is in the offing….. this I have to see one based on contradiction and how if ever they can work this one out is worth a watch.

On the local front, Manuel Buencamino of Uniffors thinks otherwise contrary to the claims of Migz Zubiri the newly bedolable senator that the proposed merger of Lakas and Kampi is "A journey of a thousand steps" and the possible re-naming of their party to "Lampi." I have to concur with Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors and to quote from the Text message of the week, to drive home the point:

Lakas-Kampi will call their merged party Partido Lakas Kampi.

PALAKA for short.

The party’s slogan is “Leap Forward.”


kasi mga kokak silang lahat!

What’s kokak? The sound toads make. Also an old vernacular term for prostitute.

Speaking of Migz Zubiri, he is the favorite nephew of coñolist errr columnist Malu Fernandez that shallow pig errr person who thinks she is a writer. That reminds me, Fidel Umaga has a quote in the aricle titled Arroyo's History of Jueteng, this is so apt, I really need to throw this here:

Tama nga siguro ang kasabihan. From sows, we get swines. Sa baboy, galing ang baboy.

So you see it is not Lampi but Palaka and neither was it just a thousand steps but to show their “solidarity” with CCP the slogan should be not just “Leap Forward” but “A Great Leap Forward” following in the footstep of Chairman Mao. Following Mao but not necessarily mimicking the long march croaking their way to sorround the ruling class since they are the ruling class. Unless its a face off with the great unwashed of Erap's pseudo class struggle then the perversion of Marxist MTT thought comes to a full circle. There is also another problem with the text message of the week in Manuel Buencamino’s post and not because the Palaka party mates are getting upset but "Kristen" is, what with getting identified with Gloria’s Kokak. On the other hand they may scoff at Kristen’s $5.5K/hour service compared to the top kokak errr party boss Gloria Arroyo to which even the official praise errr press release of OPS (Office of the Press Secretary) acknowledged in their release dated 4/27/07 under the heading, So much investments, so little time for PGMA in China:

That's the way things looked like for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in her brief stay in this picturesque coastal town Saturday as she "came and went like a thief in the night," bringing with her an avalanche of Chinese investments to the tune of $904.38 million.

So it seems history is repeating itself with the head madame errr mistress yikes I meant party boss of a merged ala KBL of the Marcos past in Gloria Arroyo's consolidation of her political forces. Unlike her predecessor content at just establishing diplomatic relations, she raised the ante to bedding like a froggy errrr like an astute politician with the erstwhile enemy of the Philippine military establishment.

Forget about the other issues where prospective Palaka are leery of the merger or what Joe de Bola errr Venecia's speculation according to Ermita that the purpose of the merger was to push for charter change so Gloria can stay beyond 2010, that is a given, what La Gloria wants La Gloria gets. She is on to bigger things, it maybe safe to say that some pangit (ugly) errr pundit’s are getting validated with this political move dangling her lutong Macao (hao shiao as in scam) errr I meant forging ties with the Communist party of China as a wager to deflect possible re-assessment and withdrawal of U.S. support to her administration. If that is so, is she thinking she can outsmart the puwitburo (ass) errr politburo and how far will they go along to play the game that kokak (croak) errr Gloria plays?

It makes you wonder what will stick in fostering a partnership or common ground they need to explore to make it work. Perhaps the dictatorship part which the trapos are also well versed; another is the corruption aspect since unlike in the days of Mao Tse-Tung party, members are now expected to take a capitalist line legally or illegally and as such corruption is part of the game. On the other hand, if we look at it from the so-called dialectical materialist's theory on contradiction, something's gotta give and guess who that maybe? A look at this article may explain why the Palaka and CCP are keen on exploring the viability of a partnership, to quote:

Being a member of the CCP does not mean one has to act like a communist. You are more or less required to play at capitalism, legally or illegally. The state-owned enterprises that still dominate the Chinese economy, and the state-owned banks that keep them going, continue to divert huge amounts of capital -- billions of dollars a year -- to party members.

Gloria Arroyo and her Palaka membership will definitely not get the same “benefits” that members of the Chinese Communist Party enjoys, that we know. While the Palaka counterpart will not get the same “benefits,” as partners in “capitalist ventures” both parties will surely “benefit” from it especially if the money comes from the Chinese people or the government and the Filipino people paying for it for future generations to come. Looking at the ZTE-NBN kickback deal, it makes sense for the CCP to partner with the Palakas............. to soften or cushion the non-performing state enterprise they venture outside where kokaks errr corrupt "bureaucrat capitalist" are willing to take on a debt they cannot afford as long as both sides get their kickback.

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