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Romulo Neri's Glued Lips & the Supreme Court

I will not get into the nitty gritty of the provisions and legal mumbo jumbo as this Political Jaywalker is not a lieyer err a lawyer but from where I am at on top of Mt. Payatas I see a major cover-up with the help of Gloria Arroyo's appointees in the Supreme Court. Let me just share and point others who want to get on the legalities to blogs and articles that I consider a good authority on the legal issues and good insights. Fear not DJB says anyone with a good comprehension of the English language will be able to see through the provisions that was the basis of the Supreme Court decision, so go ahead and check it out. There's only one drawback though if it is such an easy read how come the justices did not get it? They probably used Janina San Miguel or Ruffa Guttierez as their reasearcher, ooops sorry I did not mean to say that lest Connie of the Mommy Journal raises her eyebrow again.
Attribution appreciated if you want to grab this

We see a President who can’t seem or refuse to see her evil deeds, a husband who refuses to hear the damning revelation of institutionalized corruption, a lackey whose lips are glued shut, top that with unfathomable SC decision and what do we have but truly a crooks paradise.

A must read excellent dissertation by DJB at Philippine Commentary in the recent Supreme Cover-up errr Court decision on a petition filed by Romulo Neri titled, "The Fallacious Heart of Neri v. Senate is a False Distinction About the Powers of Legislation and Oversight." Offering a bold suggestion to the senate and hopefully they see the decision the same way as he does, then that will make this a real showdown with a lot of fireworks to watch, to quote:

Having disposed of the PREMISES of the Main Decision in Neri v. Senate, I conclude that the decision is based on a false dichotomization of the Power of Inquiry and is therefore a decision that is morally and logically NULL and VOID. The Congress must ignore it if it is to do its DUTY of making and re-making the laws.

This decision is making MLQ weep and just to show how this bogus decision of the Supreme Court riles up people, DJB's comment in said entry is worth quoting here:

One last thing: I hope this will finally dispel the incredible idolatry of people towards the Supreme Court. I hope the Mass Media now shine their bright lights into the vast dark corners of Padre Faura where lurk crimes and coverups of dastardly crimes, quietly but lucratively executed. Remember that every justiciable case of the highest value and controversy passes through there with nary a mention or attention from the Press. But I believe that ZTE/NBN are nothing compared to all the subrosa cases they’ve decided in favor of the highest bidder.

If we think Executive Privilege is bad, the Supreme Court even forbade Newsbreak last year from looking at the Public Log book of the Court to find out who gave some judge 10 million in gift wrapped package.

Why weep?? That’s silly! Burn Padre Faura down with withering exposures and investigative reporting or bear your chains in abashed silence forever grovelling as mental slaves of those blackrobed shysters forever!

Indeed and I used to think that they are our last hope when they decided on human rights cases that inspires us and gave us hope. On the other hand I am probably in denial thinking that the SC does not play by the rules oh, wait I digress they do play by the rules. The Mafiosi rule if I may say since common good in the interest and pursuit of what is just is an aberration and exception to the rule of the Bukol Republic, when they also misuse public funds on trivial things. This latest decision laid bare the ugly side of patronage politics and false hopes that the SC is the bastion of last resort in our quest for justice. If DJB who considers himself a Rizalist (Philippine Reformist National Hero) goes on a Bonifacio (Philippine Revolutionary Hero) moment, you know that this administrations' excesses are now so blatantly arrogant radicalizing people in the process.

In a follow-up entry MLQ thinks of the development as a perfect trap due to the stalemate that allows people to rationalize an Arroyo in cheat err seat of power until 2010.

If you think the 9 - 6 decision favoring secrecy over public disclosure in Neri's case is bad enough it will be total disaster in Aries Rufo's article at ABS-CBN pointing to the 2 dissenting associate justices retirement next year. Rufo's sources also reported that the justices were evenly divided before the March 4 oral argument but with the palace applying pressure on one justice with a promise of something (as in bribe, I supposed) in return for his vote while loyalty check was applied on others. Heck what in the name of Lady Madaya was that all about? Holy mackerel, this is so sick and perverted, so even the justices are supposed to be loyal to the inidoro (toilet) Queen errr the president? Oh, well what a joke and speaking of joke check out Manuel Buencamino's 9 - 6 against check & balances take on the nine justices namely Teresita de Castro, Renato Corona, Presbitero Velasco, Arturo Brion, Leonardo Quisumbing, Antonio Nachura, Dante Tinga, Minita Chico-Nazario, and Ruben Reyes.

Toot's Ople in her blog entry titled SC Justice Art Brion and the tale of the Butterfly should change the butterfly into a bangaw (fly) in a dung's heap or how about borrowing Fidel Umaga's entry title.... "Could a Maggot metamorphosed into a Butterfly?" After all the guy that she lavished with praise turned out to be a real bangaw or something else in getting in on the decision bandwagon, that was really odd and irregular to say the least. In fairness to Toot's Ople, the entry was before the decision but she also need to be cautious and should have waited a little longer to see that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I wonder how she is taking this as the guy was not exactly how she describes him which is actually the opposite. It will be unfair to hold her accountable but her credibility as a writer will of course suffer...... unless she does something which I believe she is entitled to do, a 180 degree turn around in taking back her praise and admiration for Brion.

There is a lesson to be learned here and as the Chinese saying (I don’t think it’s a Confucian maybe confused… yan or from some smart Philippine local Chinese businessman definitely not the “probinsyanong Instik, lol) goes, “too many talk many mistakes, less talk less mistakes, no talk no mistake.” Romulo Neri is off the hook temporarily and as the deception and lies goes around like a dime a dozen the people are witnessing the farce on a national level in high places at that is like digging La Gloria’s political grave deeper and eventual demise sooner….. I hope…….. While Neri is allowed to shut his trap others are doing the talking for him that only exposes the rottenness of the Bukol Republic destroying the institutions credibility along with it. DJB's idea is very attractive but I am not going there so how about just letting this injustices know how we feel by expressing our disgust and disapointment by emailing them at pio@supremecourt.gov.ph

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