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Gloria Arroyo and her Communist Party Comrades

There is a glaring similarity shared by Gloria Arroyo and her Communist Party Comrades thus a partnership seems to be a very logical move between the Philippine TraPo (Traditional Politician) of the Palaka clique errr faction and the Chinese Communist Party……. both have control issues and fixation on how the world perceives their respective country.
State of TraPo Politics

The attitude or mindset among the party hierarchy on both sides seems to have the same perceived problems and irrational approach, to quote a visiting sports writer Kurt Streeter of LA Times:

After spending the last several days in high-security Beijing, I got a sinking sense that those fault lines just might become wide, gaping fissures when the world shows up come August.

China, it appears, has a problem. A self-image problem. Walk around Beijing, a place teeming now with police and soldiers and manic 24-hour construction and you get a gut-level sense that this is a nation too worried about what others think, too concerned with looking good, new and perfect. It's a self-image that, despite evolving openness, still leads to an obsession with control.

See that uncanny similarity and this I believe are shared by not just the Glory Brigade errr Gloria Arroyo’s TraPo followers but regular Pedro and Maria in and out of the forsaken cheating republic. This reminds me of a comment I made on a blog about Joseph “Erap” Estrada the ex-convict former President going back to tinsel town as a comedian, to give you an idea I am quoting it below:

Erap’s plan of a movie comeback is a calculated political move aimed at softening the impact of his conviction.

He is not as dumb as we think he is because he is a seasoned influential politician with major players lining up to get his “blessings”.

This is just the sad pathetic state of politics in the Philippines….. until the political playing field is leveled and fair we will see this aberration. Not that he is the only aberration because we see this even among the highly educated “leaders” just like what we see with that woman with a doctored errr doctorate degree ruining the nation and robbing the people of its dignity.

I believe that was an honest opinion, unfortunately getting the ire of a certain Shaira eliciting a very “eloquent” errr rebuke:

You have got to be kidding me.

It was followed by the blog owner’s “brilliant” response:

@jaywalker: ow c’mon… of course the showbiz comeback is politically motivated. it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. if i was him, i’d also do the same! but that is not the whole point of this entry. It’s the fact that he’s taking on a comedy role in his comeback. if he wants to go back making movies, by all means do so. if that’s what he thinks that he could do to get back at his detractors, fine. but please not comedy. magmumukha lang siyang tanga sa buong mundo (It will make him look like a global fool). and us Filipinos along with it. “Here’s a former president of some country in Asia, now back in the movies… as a comedian!” I still think bobo siya for having the perspective na gusto niya patawanin yung masa. because whether he enters comedy or action or horror, it won’t matter because everyone is going to watch it. hell, i’m going to watch it. i hope you get my point here. Bobo si Erap for taking a comedy role. I think that is plain and simple enough.

Hahaha, so did I miss the point or did I disapoint the blogger for not laughing with her? The demeanor shown is just like the Chinese Communist comrade of Gloria Arroyo and Gloria herself…. too concerned with their image and what others will say instead of figuring out how to address the problem that causes the “embarrassment” or their steamed errr “esteemed” image. Why in the name of Lady Madaya (cheater) are people concerned and supposedly embarrassed at having an ex-convict going into comedy? The guy has been freed and pardoned and thus a freeman who can venture into anything he wants to do as long as it is legal and that includes being a comedian. Are they losing their marbles or something, thinking they can dictate how and what the guy should do according to their standards? If they are embarrassed at trivial things, should they not get far more embarrassed at the state of politics in the Philippines where you have an ex-convict former president with the present cheating errr sitting president with questionable mandate carrying on with institutionalized corruption all the way to the presidential office? So what if Joseph "Erap" Estrada becomes a comedian, he has been one ever since he entered politics and so are the TraPos who are not any better, unfortunately the joke is on the Filipino people and not on them.

Now, I realize that I maybe going against the sentiments of “overly sensitive” Filipinos which is basically out of whack probably perverted by decades of TraPo rule seeping into the national mindset but do I care? Nah, because that is their concern and not mine since the Philippines has a bigger problem than “self-image” if ever there is any to speak of owing to the marginalization of 1/3 of its population due to the stranglehold of the TraPos perverted rule.

Going back to Gloria’s comrades in China it is a relief to see a sportswriter see the cracks beneath the billion dollars spent in sprucing up of Beijing for the Olympics amidst the crackdown and repressive violent suppression of Tibet starting in the capital city of Lhasa spreading to Sichuan province and other parts of western China. While pointing out the crevices in China, he
pointed out the obvious:

It would be great to see baseball speak out about human rights as it attempts to open a new market in China, just as it would be great to see our athletes and teams speak out against our own social problems. Those days are over, it appears. The almighty dollar trumps the mere mention of what is right.

Ahhh the lure of wealth and the power that comes with it surely shows Gloria Arroyo’s comrades are learning fast knowing how to utilize peoples' assets to their advantage especially when it is at their own disposal in attracting other nations to come in to play in the “open market” while a huge segment of their population suffers. Why even Gloria Arroyo goes gaga over the prospect of croaking like a Palaka (acronym for the future merging of Lakas & Kampi or simply frog) with legs wide open as described in The charge of the lie brigade by Noralyn Mustafa in reference to the bad kidney day of Injustice Secretary SiRaulO Goonzales and the hypocrisy of the TraPos:

But even that experience failed to give him a glimpse of his Maker. It only made him switch his cinematic longings to a more recognizable role. Last we saw him on TV, he was Eddie Garcia as vicious gangster “bossing,” ordering by long-distance call his henchmen in Iloilo to keep track of Jun Lozada there because he was in the company of “communists,” while his principal is spreading this country’s legs to a communist country.

It makes you wonder why the avid anti-communist in the press are so eerily quiet over this prostitution errr partnership, or was it because they feel "comfortable" and at ease seeing La Gloria cavorting with her new found friend.

In China just like in the Philippines LIES are dime a dozen and if only there is a way to monetize the proliferation of lies in both government's we will probably have a real honest to goodness increased in GDP that will trickle to the people and not see the marginalization we see in the Philippines and China. While Gloria Arroyo has transformed lying into an art form her comrades has the edge in dissing out lies because they have more control as seen in the repression suffered by the Tibetan people where they are portrayed as the aggressor with the Dalai Lama and human rights groups as the plotters (Gloria uses destabilizers) and the police and Han people as the victims. Through manipulation and filtering of media coverage by showing and highlighting only the violence of Tibetan people against the Hans (Chinese majority), denying internet access and blocking sites on Tibet and removing on search engines any site that reports the suppression of Tibet. It is working and public opinion favors Gloria's comrades and that is expected because they are fed sanitized news while in the Philippines the control comes in the form of paid hacks and ATM journalist dissing out propaganda disguised as news.

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