"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Labu - Labo... But No To CIVIL WAR.

It is irritatingly funny to see the ex-Speaker of the House, Joe de Venecia rebutting the charges of the ex-Senate President, Frank Drilon, that the ex-Speaker pressured the future ex-Ombudswoman, Mercedita Gutierrez, to give her consent to the proposed Joint Seismic agreement with China on Spratly islands.

JdV countered that it was the other way around: that he was the one that was pressured by the future ex-Ombudswoman to ok the Spratlys deal. JdV said he gave his consent because he thought it was a beneficial undertaking. According to the ex-Speaker, the joint agreement on Spratlys stopped the atmosphere of, and may have prevented a war between the claimant countries of Vietnam, China, the Philippines, etc.

However, the ex-Senate President thought otherwise. He added that even the future ex-Ombudswoman expressed her fears that the terms of the agreement would leave the future ex-President open to another impeachment case. Further, the ex-Senate President insinuated that the ex-Speaker should also be investigated on this looks-like, smell-like, sell-out to the Chinese .

JdV's really funny and yet very revealing rebuttal was: 'if the ex-Senate President wanted to investigate me, why don't they investigate him for his impropriety in the Iloilo airport deal?'

Ha ha ha! Sige pa galitin nyo pa si JdV para kumanta ng kumanta! Labo-labo na!


With Tita Cory beso-beso with the convicted plunderer Erap and seen at InterFaith rally, lovey-dovey with dirty Harry (the dreaded ex-executioner of drug dealers?) mayor, what is more exciting/karumal-dumal script left for a good zarsuela to entertain their ginagagong taong-bayan?

It is very indifferently amusing to see the kawatans now out of favor or simply retired, acting holier-than-thou, marching with the ever trusting masses, and one in calling for the resignation of another fellow kawatan.

So what's next? Is it, Loren the butterfly, who vehemently objected to BW call for GMA to resign, who would reconcile with the galant co-ex-host Noli de Cashtro for a piece of, ako rin, a prime real estate property in Dasma, and a firm offer to be his Veep?

How about the Joker, yes, that one feisty fellow who used-to-be the Champion of human rights and sensibilities, now defending the arrogance of the powers-that-be? Would lightning and thunder wake him up and show up on March 14 or May 1st or August 23 or September 21 or November 30? Or wait till May 2010?

How about the architect of Martial Law, Johnny-come-lately (or no more come?) Enrile, questioning the morality of the Senate wetness, Jun Lozada? Would he realize that his present heaven in Gloria means express ticket to his final destination? Hala lagot sya, naghihintay duon sa impyerno yung dating bossing nya, na inonse nya, ha ha ha!

And how about Ping, pingpingping, biting the hands of Johnny come-no-more, who taught him and his kind, that it's ok to have blood in their hands, just let them dry for a second before the next kill. Gardamit, when Ping finally realize that him and FG are blood relatives and ...very, very close, like ABC..ZTE, will he kurap even for a quick one, his cold cold 'k' stare? Will bread be thicker than wine? Konichiwa? Hai!

Speaking of Martial Law, how do you find the government helping the Marcoses to recover the Marcoses' ill-gotten wealth from an ex- Marcos crony, Lucio fer Tan? And poor Lucio hijacking his own PAL planes to fly GMA, 'like a thief in the night' to where-ever, whenever, however she wants to be?

And how about that of convicted plunderer Erap's P700 million Dichaves bank account now being claimed by ex-Erap crony Gatchalian? And what's the Rex-deal again Mr. Abalos? Yeah, the people of Valenzuela know that he is a congressman now, in fact, bumaha pa nga ng pera duon nuong election last year, but of course, what is the real score Mr. Chairman Kumisyuner?

CBCP, no-see Bishop, no-see Pari. No hear, no talk. People Power against Lagdameo will precede People Power against Gloria. P2LP2G.

Ha ha ha, speaking of morality, the very "moral" JdV wanted to lead the crusade against the immorality in government! Say what?

The reigning queen of civility, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, for all her tililing, seems to be the only 'sane' politician left these days. Left alone but very right in her analysis: This is a fight among thieves. Nagka-onsehan lang!

Whatever. But one thing is sure - the now reformed Lozada, the ex-corrupt President of PhilForest, woke up the masses from deep slumber. And he is leading them, charging at the gate of the biggest corruptor!

Pray tell that the kids will not be harmed. It is our fight, it should be our fight! We just dragged these kids into it. It is our indifference that enable this corrupt system to perpetuate in our country. It is our duty to stop it, at all cost!

But from all indications, it's just a matter of days!

Meanwhile, don't blink.

Coming soon: JdV spilling the beans on FVR.

Coming soon: FVR spilling the beans on GMA.

Coming soon: GMA spilling the beans on FVR.

Coming soon: Abalos spilling the beans on FG.

Coming soon: Vicky 2 runs away with a General.

Coming soon: Vicky 2 spilling the beans on FG.

Coming soon: GMA divorcing her husband.

Coming soon: FG spilling the beans on GMA.

Coming soon: Abalos to implicate Binay.

Coming soon: Manang Ernie to be re-investigated.

Coming soon: Binay turns white!

Coming soon: Lulie praying and fasting for her mom to see the light.

Coming soon: Brother Mike Velarde asked to replace GMA.

Labo. Labu-labo. Civil war, anyone?


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