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Economic Gains Crumbles in the Bukol Republic

The "economic gains" claimed by Gloria M. Arroyo and her apologist crumbles with the recent report by the ADB (Asian Development Bank) detailing the critical development constraint that can be traced to the deteriorating governance characterized by lack of transparency, accountability and responsibility of those tasked to manage the country. The recommendations spelled out in the report is the opposite of what the present administration is doing thus compared to her Asian neighbors the Philippines is pifully at the bottom. Resident EvilI wonder what she is thinking right now together with her apologist in this damning report of ADB? Her minions are starting to fool some people and her internet brigade slowly creeping in with their partial "other side" propaganda of incredible sources such as Ponce Enrile et al together with the wiretapped coversation of Jun Lozada and Joey de Venecia seemingly having an effect on people fixated at looking at the personalities rather than the issue at hand. The report clearly refutes the claims of economic prosperity wherein only the corrupt are benefited by the surge in GDP on the basis of increased government spending surely would have been obvious that it was a fluke standing on erroneous assumption that it will stay that way. Oh well there will always be gullible people that can be had but what these morons seems to forget is that they don't own the Philippines and there are outside entities that they will have to contend with unlike them are not corrupt and liable to see things clearly.
Economic Prosperity in the Bukol Republic
Neal Cruz puts it bluntly in the title of his column, Increasing poverty caused by corruption, clearly showing this administration is slowly crumbling with their lies catching up on them:
Although the Arroyo administration has sold and is still selling assets and has increased taxes, we are still deep in debt. From China alone, the Arroyo administration borrowed in recent years $8 billion (that’s billion). In pesos at the time they were borrowed, they were worth P450 billion! Needless to say, hard-pressed Filipino taxpayers will have to pay for them.

And what do we have to show for that P450 billion? Probably half of that went to private pockets.

GMA also claims in her speeches that poverty and the unemployment rate have gone down. Now we know she has been lying all along. The President lying to her people? Not surprising anymore.

Has anybody noticed that corruption has jumped as the Arroyo administration winds to a close? Kickbacks have also increased tremendously. The explanation is simple: Knowing that they would be out of jobs when GMA is no longer President, top government officials are providing for their future. Knowing that this or that character got so much in kickbacks, succeeding commissioners demand bigger and bigger kickbacks. It was a case of oneupmanship. And immoderate greed. GMA officials’ motto seems to be: “Take as much as you can while the getting is good. Time is running out on us.”

ADB report links RP corruption to investment dip in Armando Doronilla's column points out the contradiction, to quote:

Written in blunt terms, the report appeared to contradict the Philippine government’s position calling on the public to ignore mounting criticisms over corruption scandals rocking the administration of President Macapagal-Arroyo and focus instead on the high economic growth rates over the past few years, topped by the 7.3-percent growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007, the highest in three decades.

The President no doubt has the credentials she being doctored..... oh wait, I meant having a doctorate in economics, you would think she would have been alarmed at the superficial 7.3% GDP increase. Likely so her followers and the ignorant few took it hook, line and sinker thus there are those who truly believes her political demise before 2010 might affect the "economic gains". Yeah right, tell that prosperity to the 27.3 million poor Filipinos and the 1.9 million families unable to afford to put food on their table or 14.6% of the population and let us see if they will eagerly strangle you errr embrace your delusion.

The book in pdf format can be found at the links below, go see for yourself....... unless you still want to "believe" in the lies and deception of Lady ZTE then ignore the report.

Philippines: Critical Development Constraints

Prepared by the Economics and Research Department, is the first report in the department's Country Diagnostics Studies. It identifies the critical constraints to growth and poverty reduction in the Philippines, and discusses policy options for addressing the constraints.


Chapter 1 Introduction [ PDF: 206kb 4 pages ]

Chapter 2 Philippine Development: Performance and Policy [ PDF: 739kb 11 pages ]

Chapter 3 Critical Constraints to Growth [ PDF: 1,392kb 25 pages ]

Chapter 4 Critical Constraints to Poverty Reduction [ PDF: 681kb 8 pages ]

Chapter 5 Summary, Conclusions, and Policy Implications [ PDF: 269kb 13 pages ]

Bibliography and References [ PDF: 149kb 7 pages ]

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