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Lies & Deception in the Bukol Republic

Gloria M. Arroyo’s rising GDP may just be another one of those dagdag (add) bawas (substract) comelec backdoor mathematical equations in portraying or should we say sugar coating an otherwise rotten economic slide into a deluded prosperity her administration is touting to be. Apparently the lies & deception in the Bukol Republic of GMA is crumbling showing that you can't manipulate economic theories to suit your purpose of fooling the people as reality sets in.

Payatas Ninja Man, a common sight or attire of residents in the dumps a protection from the stench of the dump and heat from the sun.It seems that everything is going up except the one I know cheating errr seating by the throne of illegitimate mandate starting with our GDP which we would not contest because it was true. Unfortunately instead of a wake up call on why our GDP went up which is due to the last electoral spending of greedy trapo politicians' scrambling like packs of mad dogs in their mind boggling spree to outspend their opponents so unbelievably unreal that it raised the nations GDP (nope not the Ginagatasan, Dinadaya ng Pang-gulo, but the real Gross Domestic Product) shamelessly touted as their crowning achievement instead of looking at it as scandalous and a problem.

Now their lies is catching up on them literally exploding in their thick callous skin in a Financial Times article
Philippines poverty creeps upward by Roel Landingin, to quote:

Barring a brief rise in the wake of the 1997-98 Asian crisis, the Philippines' poverty rate has moved steadily downwards since the 1986 fall of Ferdinand Marcos, shortly after which it stood at almost 50 per cent.

Mrs. Macapagal, the president, has promised to cut poverty to 17-20 per cent of the population by 2010. That target now looks much harder to achieve after -government economists yesterday reported that the proportion of poor people rose to 32.9 per cent in 2006 from 30 per cent in 2003.

marginalized Payatas man, 32.5% and rising under the Arroyo Economic ProsperityPathetic indeed, what she thinks she can achieve in 2010 doubled belly down in an instant should have shattered her delusion of "saving the nation" while unabated plunder goes on is just not a good mix in running but in ruining perhaps of a nation of fools.

The article quoting Ifzal Ali, chief economist at the Asian Development Bank that the rise in poverty was likely due to a combination of sluggish economic growth and rapid rise in population, further stating:

But it put the Philippines at odds with most of Asia, as "across the region, we are seeing a sustained decline in poverty levels", he said. The Philippines' gross domestic product grew by only 5 per cent between 2003 and 2006, compared with almost 8 per cent in the whole of south-east Asia.

The article should have dug deeper in citing the 7.3 economic “growth” of last year attributing it to government spending, and they would have found out the obvious….. that this administration has no qualms in using government resources to ensure their candidates winning in a fraudulent prone electoral contest held last year.

It also cited the drop in joblessness due to the government changing the way they counted the jobless that shows an increase in underemployment by 23.5% since 2006 the highest in 2 decades. Well blow me down and slap me silly, let us hope Mr. Benjamin Abalos or any of his former Garcified people are not involved in this one. From the looks of it I see dagdag (add) bawas (substract) in how they categorized the unemployed and the underemployed but really after having been exposed to “creative” counting in almost every facet of government from DM Macapagal Highway Robbery to the ZTE-NBN Spratlys all the way to electoral votes do we really believe what they shove in our throats?

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What is alarming is the global rise in basic commodity prices especially rice that has soared by 75% the highest in 2 decades that will push more poor people into more hardship and deeper into poverty.

Gloria M. Arroyo’s economic adviser Joey Salceda was quoted by local newspapers as warning that shortages and uncontrolled commodity price rises could develop into "a far bigger disaster than the ongoing political crisis."

Well, a disaster that will probably be blamed by these administration on the global economy while absolving themselves once more to fool the people into once again camouflaging the plunder and thievery and away from the political crises they themselves are responsible.

Mahar Mangahas in his Social Climate column at Inquirer titled Admitting that poverty can rise pointed out the flaws on relying on Government statistics to measure poverty level. Mahar Mangahas wrote a more detailed presentation compared to the Financial Times but one thing is clear the rise in GDP does not equate to reducing poverty levels, to quote:

It is not the sheer size of the GNP that matters, but the extent to which it is shared with the poor.

Precisely and how apt in a government that is led by one with no credibility known for lies and deception all throughout her questionable mandate who would in his right mind rely on what this government tells its people?

When disaster strikes Juan dela Cruz is left fending off for himself because his government squandered all of the governments' resources even the future revenues used as collateral on debts most of which they may have pocketed. I wonder how the legislative body will respond to the economic disaster once it sets in? Since they owe their position to the Lady ZTE dela Spratlys and having the ill refute errr refutation on voting like a horde of drug crazed zombies using their numbers incapable of debating based on reason and logic we may see them pass a law declaring the "law of supply and demand " illegal..... ayayay que horror y medalla de horror.

Now there goes the myth or lies and deception painted by her apologist swallowed by the ignorant fools who "sees" the economy on the "upswing" thus they would rather have the crook stay in office "fearing" it will "affect" the "gains" ....... yeah what gains?

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