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Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm Gaining Ground

The poll we conducted on whether our visitors wanted Gloria M. Arroyo to resign garnered 166 votes or 87% as against a measly 11% or puny 21 votes with 1% or 2 votes not sure while not exactly indicative of the people’s sentiments I should say that it was fairly close. The reason being is that most of our visitors or roughly 80% of our visitors come from search engines and there is no way to determine whether those who participated had biases or prejudices on the subject. Incidentally the poll was mentioned in an Inquirer article Bloggers mount ‘EDSA revolution’ online by Ephraim Aguilar also posted by Anna of Manila Baywatch regarding the Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm started by Jen of Etcetera etcetera.
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There is one particular item that caught my attention about the article on Gremil Alessandro Naz, a communication professor from Bicol University currently taking graduate studies in New York University, saying that the Internet, as a medium for advocacy in the Philippines, had yet to gain enough momentum in the country. While the Internet at this point does not have the warm bodies comparable to EDSA street protest, it creates an impact on a different level replacing and definitely an improvement of the zerox days of the past anti-Marcos conjugal dictatorship struggle.

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The internet in the Philippines is definitely not on a grassroots level at this point in time owing to the marginalization of the people due to the corrupt maladministration of the crooked corrupt trapos so pronounced in the Arroyo administration. While it is pathetically an “elitist” activity in the Philippines, Filipinos outside of the country the emerging new middle class scattered the world over are out there making their presence felt in cyberspace.

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Case in point is the Absentee Voting advocacy that gained momentum and the eventual passing of the law when netizens utilizing the internet was able to launch a collective effort in cyberspace. A feat that seems impossible and daunting at the onset started by a ragtag group of posters at Philippine Update Forum. A group of posters disagreeing on almost anything under the sun was able to forge a united front, found commonality and UNITY of purpose in demanding to have a voice in the electoral process in the Philippines. It was through the internet that Absentee Voting Advocates was able to bridge the barrier of geographical distance and a coordinated organized group was formed that successfully lobbied the lawmakers to finally pass the Absentee Voting Law. While the law that was passed is not perfect and the trapos was able to impose their perverted will with the shameless insertion of the residency requirement it has proven one thing that a determined group of netizens can make a difference.

Clearly it shows that when a determined group of people set their minds in achieving a goal motivated by the cause working as a team devoid of the usual deluded ego laden leadership seen in typical personality driven politics of the trapos, the advocacy has a better chance of succeeding. Until people starts to put more importance on the ideals and principle of why a movement is formed and not get fixated on "unity" will we see change for the better.

With the advent of Blogs a new venue opened up for netizens to once more bring the quest for good governance in the Philippines to a new “front” spreading the corrupt trapos thin in desperately trying to counter the fervor of netizens to regain the Filipinos dignity robbed blind by the crooked cheating errr seating president. The internet and bloggers in particular together with netizens has the opportunity to once again flex their muscle and with a very clear direction and purpose, I don’t see why we can’t prevail. It is clear that the Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm clamor is gaining ground and just like the Absentee Voting Advocacy the right ingredient is once again present in this movement………. a single purpose in pressuring Gloria Arroyo and her minions in their corrupt shameless regime in resigning as a global goal is doable. Very doable indeed and no amount of ignorant opposition against the will of the people will stop the tide of change to regain our dignity as a people.

Other bloggers mentioned in the article includes CVJ, MLQ3, Tambayan ni Paeng, Philippine Updates' light a virtual candle, Bystander, and Bayan ni Kabayan.

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