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Bukol Republic’s Jokers & Chief Liar Enjoys Popular Support

Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors has Tatlong Pinoy (3 Filipinos) joke about some goofballs wondering if Adam and Eve belongs to any particular race, a timely joke on Filipinos gullibility. I say more of a cruel joke and a reflection on the gullibility of some Filipinos, maybe including those paid hacks too suffering from brain paralysis going against the tide of public rage over the corruption and lies dished out by the present administratong in the Bukol Republic.

The Bukol Republic’s Chief Liar has been exposed in the recent ADB Report and now Felipe Medalla, who headed the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) during the Ramos administration, debunked the fallacy of the 2007 gross domestic product (GDP) growth as reported by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) saying it was inconsistent with other economic indicators. Accordingly asked if NCSB was lying on their figures he said no but Gloria is the Liar because NCSB lack the resources to conduct accurate surveys on the performance of all sectors. Oh, that was too kind and what a yarn. How can you point on Gloria alone when the agency that is unreliable at best ought to shut their trap if they are aware that their data gathering are faulty at best? Just say it….. it’s a conspiracy to lie to the gullible public in denial that takes anything “positive” be it a spin or outright lie just to feel good about the “good news” of a pathetic Bukol Republic.

Their economic gains actually add insult to injury rice a kilo increased from 20 to P30, a considerable increase to 27.6 million Filipinos earning less than US1 or less than P40 a day, meaning a kilo of rice alone takes its toll on their meager income. Guess what, does it bother the chief liar and her cohorts, probably not because they now seem to believe their own concoction of lies and deception.

As if we have not have enough of the jokes and jokers DJB scored again on a law student appointed to the bangko (bench or bank, take your pick) while John Marzan is having a fit on this same "Justice" named Renato Corona for his partisanship citing an entry all the way back to the highly irregular crony appointment to the SC during the siege to throw Erap out of Malacanang. Imagine that.... only in the land of cheats where a student gets appointed in the Supreme Court at that is truly…… well,....... pathetic. The wife also gives the guy a boost in his security of tenure by being one of the signatories of certified lunatic errr supporter of La Gloria. Nothing surprises us anymore and with this monkey errrr donkey yikes kind of people having a last say on our constipation errr constitution and laws, it is no wonder why they had the gall to legalize conspiracy to commit fraud just like a Mafiosi rubbing out a stool pigeon.

Maybe we can delude ourselves that the Supreme Cover-Up errr Court will reverse their conspiracy errr decision according to their mouthpiece. Yeah like these robe wearing jokers will reverse themselves as in admitting they made a mistake right? Really, so what are the chances especially the present Justices daw (?) are answering to the call of loyalty check and one basing his judgment in return for something we ought to know by now that this is just another exercise in futility. Of course the circus is not complete without SiRAULO GOONzales having his say on respecting the decision of lapdogs in robes excuse me while I barf and emulate her lying president’s respect for her running dogs. Coming from the laughing stock Goonzales, how can you respect people that disrespects the very foundation of whatever credibility is left of the institution just escapes me, someone please wake me up from this nightmare.

Speaking of respect I believe not only are the Justices getting it but Gloria herself gets so much respect from her own kind. I must concede and admit that I underestimated Gloria Arroyo’s popularity (yes, you read it right not a typo) and respect she is getting. Contrary to the surveys which I believe erred in gathering their poll they left out the most important sector in conducting an “accurate” pulse of the nation survey. As the title of this blog implies, The Bukol Republic’s Chief Liar Enjoys Popular Support is indeed true and to prove my point let me point you to an article where it shows where her avid followers come from. Who else do you think will stick together through thick and thin and truly validates Erap’s gangland motto of walang iwanan (no retreat) showcased in the most succinct manner.

The ever so popular and world renowned via youtube of the perverted kind worthy perhaps of the Yabang Pinoy (Filipino Pride) seal of approval non other than the killers and dregs of society the dancing idiots and equally dumb warden will perform once again to show their support in honor of their idol the top honcho of the underworld Gloria Arroyo to the tune of Gloria. They were saying that they were irked by Jun Lozada and to show their support to their other idol Cardinal Vidal thus it merits shaking their booty.
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So do these political morons concocting this expect to rally the people behind Cardinal Vidal and La Gloria? While I don’t discount the possibility that other criminals incarcerated and those freely roaming the streets will be inspired by this moronic dance whoever said that birds of the same feather flocks together is not true is dead wrong. So did the warden lose his marbles or something? Kissing La Gloria’s behind in the most perverted risky dangerous idiocy of gathering criminals in one place at the same time is asking for trouble and let us just hope those numb nuts are not in a mood to incite a riot or something. Well, I know in time they will get their wish…… dancing with La Gloria and Fatso Mike as the principal and lead dancer together with their co-conspirators and with that I will surely watch and even spread it all over the net.

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