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Greed & Corruption is like a jar of Jalapeños

Jun Lozada’s revelation has shown that Greed & Corruption is like a jar of Jalapeños. What you do today…………….. might burn your A$$ tomorrow.
Dancing Colors-Freedom from Debt Coalition
Just like a jar of Jalapeños the heat is on with AER (Action for Economic Reforms) calling on GMA to Resign now in a statement with the following signatories:

Michael Alba, Ma. Luz Anigan, Krupskaya M. Anonuevo, Manuel Buencamino, Jessica Reyes-Cantos, Lisandro Claudio, Agham Cuevas, Jenina Joy Chavez, Sylvia Estrada-Claudio, Ramon Fernan III, Alvin Firmeza, Margarita F. Gomez, Jose Ernesto Ledesma, Fides Lim, Solomon Lumba, Nepomuceno Malaluan, Cristina Morales, Rene Ofreneo, Rafael Paredes, Rene R. Raya, U-Primo Rodriguez, Rina Rosales, Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III

AER issued a scathing remark on how they characterize the greed of the present dispensation that really stings:

What was plunder by a colonial government in Rizal’s time is now plunder by a Mafia occupying Malacañang. The first family is the capo di tutti capi, the boss of all bosses.

Meanwhile a joint statement was issued by the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), the People Against Illegitimate Debt (PAID!) and the Assembly of Faith-based organizations against Immoral Debt on the ZTE-NBN exposé by Jun Lozada held in QC, Philippines calling on other government officials and private citizens who have information concerning other questionable projects to come forward. They further stated:

The best way to honor and give meaning to the courage and selflessness of Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada Jr. is not by merely extolling his good deeds, but by replicating it with the same act of daring.

We demand all those who are found guilty and responsible be held accountable and punished under the full force of the law.

We also demand that the government immediately stop payments for illegitimate debts and the implementation of anomalous projects such as those mentioned by Lozada.

Similarly Dine Racoma the Sexy Mom wonders if more Lozadas will Stand Up, which I believe remains to be seen, depending on how this scandal unfolds.

Neal Cruz in his As I See It column wonders if this revelation on greed the panic that ensues and the lies coming from those implicated questions if justice is forthcoming. His description of the prevailing attitude which I quote:

As the Arroyo administration is coming to an end, it was every greedy man for himself in providing for his future. “This is your last chance, make the most of it,” must have been the pervading sentiment among administration officials. “If you’re going to steal, steal big” must have been another among the greediest.

Meanwhile Iloilo @ upclose believes that Malacanang is on a panic mode but the Lozada revelation is not enough to trigger an Edsa "uprising”.

Accordingly Liza Maza a Gabriela solon had this to say:

Creating a scenario of destabilization is but a ploy that has been used an abused so many times by the Arroyo regime. Once more it is an attempt to give Malacañang the license to launch more repressive measures, scare the public from joining protests, militarize communities and crackdown on the opposition.

The Gabriela solon also said that Malacañang has likewise unleashed its dirty tricks department releasing malicious text messages on supposed bombings in malls and public places and warning the public not to join rallies and mass actions.

What has Joker, Julie & those in power have in common?

Joker Arroyo gets upset when his wife Nelly a private law practitioner was mentioned by Jun Lozada and goes berserk losing his composure and berates him for “cheapening” the writs of habeas corpus and amparo. I can’t believe this is a statement coming from a former human rights lawyer as reported by the Inquirer, to quote:

You don’t trifle with the writ of habeas corpus of the writ of amparo because those are called the great writ of liberty, extraordinary remedies. We cannot misuse them because kapag binastos natin iyan mawawalan ng value. That’s the only reason why I’m very careful about this. Don’t cheapen it. That’s why we were wondering why? You were deposited midnight Tuesday then Wednesday they filed it at 1 o’ clock another at 4 o’ clock…two in a row.

That does not seem a likely statement coming from a former human rights lawyer and if we follow his logic when do people at risk of military/police abduction resort to this writs? Do they file the writs when they literally vanish and no one can find them anymore? How exactly can one cheapen the writ of habeas corpus & amparo is puzzling at best. Especially if it is coming from a lawyer voted by the people to the senate as a champion of human rights, amazingly doing a 180 degree turnaround to Stalinism.

Julie Defensor (wife of Mike Defensor) in a news clip I got at the Jester-in-Exile was upset when her children gets “drag” in the ZTE-NBN scandal particularly to Leah Navarro a singer turned activist of the Black & White Movement. This was over Leah Navarro’s remark on the people testifying at the senate hearings on what they teach their children and how she was confronted by Julie Defensor, as Navarro narrates below:

She thrust a finger at me and screamed at me. She called me names. She said, P….ina nyo (SOB). You’re so self-righteous. I was there when Mike and Jun (Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr.) talked, you weren’t…How dare you involve my children?

Well blow me down and slap me silly Ms. Julie Defensor just validated what Leah Navarro was insinuating and to think that it was not even directed at her but to Environment Secretary Lito Atienza. What was she thinking? If there is anything or any commonality among those identified with the Arroyo’s administration and corrupt people its their propensity to over react and onion skinned reaction hurling invectives and chiding those that don’t take their side as “holier than thou” or self righteous people. Julie Defensor's children should wash their mom's filthy mouth with soap and take her to an anger management course or something........ that was definitely crass and uncalled for she should be ashamed of herself.

The senators especially those eyeing 2010 should really pay attention on how they react to this development that will determine their viability or show they are incompetents merely deluding themselves in their ambition to be the next president.

Are we seeing a strong resolve from the people to pressure the ultimate demise of an administration racked by rampant corruption? I can imagine this happening in a ship when a man falls off a ship they shout man overboard, so if and when Gloria and Jose Miguel Arroyo together with their sons and relatives falls off the ship what will his allies shout? Perhaps, just like Joe De Bola's errr Venecia's allies in a chrorus shouting FULL SPEED AHEAD. Will they stay on the boat or take the plunge with the capo di tutti capi? Highly unlikely and if the people collectively intensify the pressure who knows they may even welcome a good boot in the A$$ after consuming too much Jalapeños.

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