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Hijab (Muslim Head Scarf) at issue in court

Souhair Khatib a US citizen from Lebanon together with her Husband was convicted of welfare fraud last year. Sentenced to three years' probation and 30 days of community service. They were given 120 days to complete the community service.

On November 1st 2 days before the deadline set by the judge the Khatibs returned to court to ask for an extension. Souhair Khatib had completed 15 hours of community service while the husband a mere four was ordered by Superior Court Judge Douglas Hatchimonji jailed.
Jailed for about 8 hours she was ordered by her jailer to remove her hijab (head scarf) for which she claims her “rights” were violated.

Khatib, 32, of Anaheim, was quoted as saying she filed the lawsuit to make other Muslim women in the U.S. aware of their right to religious freedom. So she is the poster girl for US Muslim women one that is convicted of welfare fraud, nice real nice. While many Islamic women cover their heads and necks with scarves, known as hijabs, especially in public as mandated by the Koran do you still have the same rights when incarcerated?

This is really a good test case on freedom, tolerance, rights, and security inside a jail facility and according to Khatib which I quote from the LA Times article:

Wearing the hijab "is an obligation," and being without it is embarrassing because a woman's head and neck are exposed to strange men in the courtroom and male deputies in jail, Khatib said.

"They humiliated me. We have the right to [wear] our scarves," she said.

According to the suit, not wearing a scarf is a "serious breach of faith." Khatib said she did not wear one while living in her native Lebanon but ended the "sin" of not covering up seven years ago, after arriving in the United States.

Oh geez it does not seem like a big deal errr “sin” back when she was in Lebanon so what makes this a big “sin” now that she is in the US? Hmmmn I am almost a convert to this “right” but the case has some very minor detail that can turn off principled freedom loving people…….. they are seeking unspecified damages. Dinero baby, so which one is more important the hijab or the moolah? And then there is this allegation of “strange” male deputies in jail, and how did the male deputies in jail become strange if I may ask? Who does she think she is Paris Hilton? When one is sent to jail for welfare fraud do you not belong to the prison system and lose whatever rights you have?
Hmnnnnn, I am wondering if this lady was subjected to strip search, probably not but it will even be more interesting if they were. That would have been a "bigger sin" and truly embarrasing to be in your birthday suit as against just showing you neck and head with "strange" deputies doing the search all over your butt naked "sinful" body..

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