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Heil Gloria! Silencing Stool Pigeons in Maguindanao with Martial Law

Senadora Miriam Santiago wants the legal gobbledygook behind Gloria Arroyo's martial law taken out, shot and buried using a backhoe like the Ampatuan, Maguinadanao massacre victims for their ignorance of the constitution. Considering that Santiago is an ally of Lady Garci de Le Cirque openly declaring her critical stand tells you that election season is on. Will she pursue this till the end is another matter as we have seen in the past where she reneges on her promise to resign over the 2007 elected criminal senators?
Heil GloriaSantiago raised some very valid points on lack of consultation as provided by the constitution with Arroyo’s “brilliant” legal advisers jumping to conclusion in laying out the groundwork on the premise of a possibility of rebellion. Possibility therefore is not rebellion per se as she states and it was all about seeing things which she says is a talent in itself. I just don’t know about seeing things as a talent but that is not for us to question, after all she maybe an expert on delusions but definitely not apparitions.

I am sure there is a rational explanation why the ghost whisperers este the legal advisers of La Gloria went bonkers in taking the martial law route. Perhaps SIRAUL O. GOONzales is with them or worse maybe Merceditas Gutierrez the Bar-Flunker classmate of Mike Arroyo, himself flunked the bar not once but 3 times and of course Agnes Devanadera was in on this. The typo using Republic Act 6986 instead of the ACT 3815 (Revised Penal Code) as amended by RA 6968 cited in Proclamation 1956 as basis for the definition of rebellion is a law that creates a high school in barangay Dulop, Dumingag, in Zamboanga del Sur is a reflection perhaps of the “brilliance” of Arroyo’s legal panel. Ok, because of that Santiago wants to shoot the brains behind martial law, good luck on that one if you can find their puny brain. Oh wait she meant the people not the ones without a brain, oh geez now I am getting confused by all this brilliancy.

Mikey a.k.a. 'Marie Antoinette' Arroyo in all his grandiosity reduces the resistance to her mother dears’ ridiculous declaration of martial law to his level of understanding or was it ignorance saying it was a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This is exactly the problem when one is so engrossed in the company of anak ng Jueteng (son of Jueteng), that they become so ignorant yet abrasively callous and arrogant.

Senator Aquilino Pimentel fears that martial law was declared to conceal massive fraud in 2004 presidential and 2007 senatorial elections in the province. We all know what happened in 2004 due to the expose’ on the Garci tape scandal and the improbable 12-0 administration senatorial landslide where Sabit este Chavit Singson garnered the most votes with Pimentel’s son edged out of the 12th spot by Juan Miguel Zubiri.

This fear is further validated in Ellen Tordesilla’s blog citing the statement of North Cotabato Vice-governor Manny Piñol regarding the blackmail threats of the Ampatuans:
Ang sabi ng ibang mga miyembro ng Ampatuan clan, kung bibitawan sila ni Pangulong Arroyo, sasabihin din nila ang lahat. (According to some members of the Ampatuan clan they will reveal everything if Arroyo dumps them).
The irony of ironies is that while Gloria Arroyo cites rebellion brewing or imagined by her BFF’s (best friends’ forever) Ampatuan clan it does not cover the MILF areas that are not just openly rebelling but seceding from the republic to form an independent Islamic state. As if this is not already a comedy of errors former president Fidel Ramos categorically stated that martial law will fail, to quote:
Is there a fence around Maguindanao? What would prevent people, especially armed groups, from coming in to challenge our policemen and soldiers?

The tendency of these armed groups is to escape from Maguindanao. And will they be blocked as they flee to Sultan Kudarat, Lanao or Cotabato? No, because the borders of these provinces are forests, plantations and swamps.
Since the MILF(Moro Islamic Liberation Front) are not covered, will they just waive their flag for a free safe conduct pass after ambushing the soldiers outside the area of martial law coverage when they seek refuge in their Maguindanao territory not covered or exempted from the her furor errr Fuhrer wannabe declaration?

Congress as usual is taking its sweet time to convene; meanwhile the high court already consolidated the five separate petitions filed against the imposition of martial law. Among the petitioners include Maguindanao Representative Didagen Dilangalen, National Union of People’s Lawyers together with Bayan and Gabriela, Ampatuan lawyer Sigfrid Fortun and Albert Lee Angeles, former Senate President Jovito Salonga together with former University of the Philippines College of Law Dean Raul Pangalangan along with lawyers Harry Roque Jr., Joel Butuyan, Emilio Capulong, Florin Hilbay, Romel Bagares, Dexter Donne Dizon, Allan Jones Lardizabal, and Gilbert Andres, and law student Joseph Nelson Loyola.

The country is in shambles and the people are once again reliving the horror of past Marcos dictatorship all because Gloria Arroyo wants to silence the stool pigeons who used to be her partners in electoral fraud. The Ampatuan clan she encourages and treated as friends and allies complete with institutionalizing their warlord status in arming their private armies has grown to an uncontrollable monster. Are they being being silenced to protect not the people or justice for the victims (warning the images of the massacre victims are too graphic and gory) preventing the scandalous massive electoral fraud she was the beneficiary from getting exposed?

The congress mob will definitely approve of this unconstitutional imposition of martial law since most of them belong to political dynasties some of whom even maintain private armies of their own. It is to their advantage to pound on the Ampatuan circus using them as the sacrificial lamb to appease the peoples anger so as not to attract attention to themselves. Will the victims get justice when this administration are more concerned at concealing their role in the massive electoral fraud? We will not see an end to barbaric impunity until we see all the privates armies of the political warlords dismantled and disarmed........ and from the looks of it, it is not happening.

The Ampatuans assets which is very obvious amidst the surrounding squalor is now the subject of investigation, why only now is not important anymore as long as we see that this is addressed resolutely. At this point in time the Ampatuans has nothing to lose anymore and they should realize by now that their patron will save her thick hide first before anyone else and the only recourse for them is to start singing like a canary........ unless they want to be the subject of scorn and be the laughing stock of the Fuhrer wannabe and her criminal minded allies for their dumb loyalty........

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