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Lorelei Fajardo Sacked as Gloria Arroyo’s Comical Ali errrr Spokeswoman

Arroyo spokesperson a ‘casualty’ of Maguindanao massacre screams the Inquirer article:Lorelei Fajardo the glori-lie Comical Ali Clone
The long list of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s spokespersons is down to four.

She has let go of Lorelei Fajardo, the lone woman among her six spokespersons, and tasked the latter to concentrate on serving as her assistant for Central Luzon.

Fajardo’s departure as press undersecretary followed that of Anthony Golez, who quit the same job (with the same title) to join the congressional race in Bacolod City next year.

The President is now left with Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, and deputies Gary Olivar and Rolly Tungpalan to speak for her.
Although Lorelei “Gloria-LIE” Fajardo was booted out of her post and given a choice to be a running dog errrr assistant position to help the President in Central Luzon Affairs, just like the Ampatuans she remains a loyal friend to her boss. I just don’t know if Arroyo feels the same way especially when she knows she is so clueless and dense blurting out her private sentiments not intended for the public.

Dense and spaced out emboldened by lack of accountability on their excesses that will of course give rise to insensitiveness and worse arrogance, thinking they can get away with absurd statement finally cost her the spokesperson job. Equally amazing is the time it took for her to get sacked for spilling the beans two days after the Ampatuan, Maguindanao massacre as shown in Lorelei Fajardo's statement below:
I don’t think the President’s friendship with the Ampatuans will be severed
Not content with her distorted concept of friendship which she confuses with the Mafiosi kind follows it up with an even more repulsive idiocy:
Just because they’re in this situation doesn’t mean we will already turn our backs on them.
What is surprising is while she was relieved of her post as Glroa Arroyo;s Comical Ali errr spokeswoman instead of being given the walking papers she was still given a choice of serving as full-time undersecretary of the Office of the Press Secretary and presidential assistant for Central Luzon. It is not like she was exemplary in her job performance so why is she still with the president? I suspect Gloria Arroyo enjoys being surrounded by mediocre people like speech challenge Cerge Remonde as we have stated before, it makes her feel like a giant among midgets.

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