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Cerge Remonde’s Logic worse than his murdering of the English language

One wonders how a cretin errr a person with heavy accent lands a job as a spokesman and a presidential one at that for Gloria Arroyo is truly unbelievably incomprehensible as he sounds. On the other hand having a narcissist president with spurious mandate it really comes naturally especially when she acts more like a supervisor control freak than an executive.

Cerge 'Goebbels' RemondeIs it because Gloria wants to surround herself with dense and clueless assistants so that she can feel like a giant among intellectual midgets to cover her physical inadequacies? As if it is not bad enough that you have to struggle and bear the agony of listening to a guy who murders the English language together with Gloria-LIE Fajardo, they also come up with contradictory offensive statements.

A few days after Gloria-LIE Fajardo announced in public that they will never abandon the Ampatuans an ally and friend of Gloria Arroyo simply for an “incident” they are in, Cerge Remonde comes up with his ignoramus simpleton lumping together of martial law detractors with the supporters and perpetrators of the Ampatuan massacre in an Inquirer article below:
Lashing at the President’s detractors, Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said the crisis in Maguindanao “has become a fresh fodder for their political agenda. Are they now shedding copious tears in sympathy with Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr., others in the clan, and some 160 individuals who have been arrested or are about to be arrested for planning or for participating in the gruesome massacre?” Remonde said in a prepared statement.
The point of contention here is the unconstitutional abuse, such as; the absence of legislative consultation, using rebellion as the legal basis when it does not exist and of course the haste thus committing a typo error in the declaration of martial law that contrary to Remonde’s ignorant lame assertion is not about being pro or anti Ampatuan. Then to add to their folly, follows up with this statement as if they are upholding the law to the letter:
So, are they now so concerned about the welfare and well-being of the suspects in this gruesome crime? Actually, the minority need not fret about the human rights of the suspects. The government is taking care that the rights of all, including the suspected perpetrators of the massacre, are protected and upheld with equally firm resolve.
If that is the case, since they are the poster boys and girls of protecting human rights of all why then impose martial law? It is as stupid as stupid gets that is truly like watching a character out of the movie dumb and dumber yet this one is very real and actually happening in the highest office of the republic. But then again with Gloria Arroyo on the ebb of her era of her bogus mandate desperately clinging and will not let go of her powerful position as if like a fly annoyingly and obnoxiously sticking in a heap of cow dung, what exactly can we expect from this nation turned into a Jueteng Republic? Why lie about rebellion that only exist in the delusional mind of Gloria Arroyo whose injustice secretary cannot make up her mind if a rebellion was brewing in her earlier justification only to realize later her legal folly is now insisting it was an ongoing rebellion.

Yes, people are concerned and definitely not of the welfare of the Ampatuans because that is the business of their loyal friend and ally Arroyo but on the weak rebellion charge that will not stick. A case that will not prosper and the mass murder charges and illegal possession of war armament will just be watered down because it is now secondary to rebellion charge as Senator Biazon, lawyers, prominent columnist and even Lu Tong Mancau asserts.

The sight of Cerge Remonde in itself is revolting, no not because of his heavy accent but because of his role and blind loyalty in defending a morally bankrupt and corrupt to plunderers heights administration. Perhaps, the problem is in their arrogance and having done away and getting away with accountability for so long that he fails to see how people derided them and for him to feel hurt at how he was pelted with trash during the indignation rally in demanding for justice for the slain journalist is really perplexing. Cerge Remonde and his cohorts should consider themselves lucky that Filipinos are still a patient and gentle people but their luck may soon run short as they continuously fool and insult peoples’ intelligence and may just find themselves dangling in a lamppost with a rope around their neck.

The fool thinks its all about perspective that he sees the need to counter detractors perspective based on their own point of view. What a fool, this is not about perspective reserved for dumb and dumber, this is about what is allowed by the constitution and legal basis on what constitute a rebellion. Ok, since Remonde want to reduce this martial law debate into a clash of perspective how about answering people's fear that this move was all about concealing the 2004 and 2007 massive electoral fraud in Maguindanao? How about re-opening the case in the killing of Musa Dimasidsing in Maguindanao
a school supervisor in Maguindanao who was killed in cold blood the 9th of June 2007 during the 2007 election who reported seeing teachers filling up the ballots?

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