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Is Miriam Santiago Really Serious in Prosecuting Corrupt Cabinet Members abusing Infomercials for electioneering?

We have heard it before and have been disappointed to exasperation when it amounted to nothing with her fiery display of uprightness only to fade like a schizophrenic attack. If you have watched Senadora Miriam Santiago’s sound bytes you would think that heads will roll and we are on the road to political manurity errrr maturity.
In the 2007 Election she hit the early campaigning of senatorial candidates really hard on their product endorsements which are obviously about themselves. I just don’t know why those product firms and owners used them, perhaps something like scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? proposition? In the election we have seen Miriam Santiago’s "classic" outburst, one of the best sound byte ever in Pedestrian Observer GB blog post Look who’s talking…. It’s Miriam Santiago, to quote:
"Gusto nilang maging commercial endorser, eh ang papangit naman nila, [They want to be commercial endorsers but they are so ugly],''

That was really funny back then making it more hilarious when Ping Lacson retorted with infantile gusto appealing to corporations “crazy” enough to get her so she can stop griping about the media mileage of the senatorial candidates.

Back then Senadora Miriam Santiago even threatened to resign in protest because she can’t stand to be in the presence of the 12 criminal senators for campaign overspending, which I quote:
The people with the most money will win. That is why I am thinking of resigning and registering a protest against farcical elections like this one we’re having. It has turned into a contest among billionaires. There is no ideology, no theory, no policy. I don’t see any policy discussion taking place, all personality.
It was a dirty election alright and will the coming 2010 election be any different? You have Senator Money Villar of the double budget insertion fame openly stating a billion peso is the minimum to ruin errr run for president so why have we not heard from Lady Miriam? Speaking of Money errr Manny Villar what may I ask have we the Filipinos worth dining for in Gloria Arroyo's last suffer errr supper done terribly wrong to this man that he want's to subject us to more sufferings by stating he has an open senate slot for of all people Willie Revillame? Fine, if that's how you want it then thanks and no thanks at least now we know where your priorities are and the degree of disrespect you have for the electorates. This brings me back to an old post and from what we are witnessing we are really on the path of retrogression if not worse which I quote below:
Is this really for real? She will resign in protest or will she do the usual retraction of "hahaha sorry, I lied”. Well one thing for sure this election is obviously dirty and seeing how ridiculous the squandering of money as if it was going out of style truly makes this election goes down in history as the year of the BASTARDS. First was the BASTARDIZATION of the Party List complete with FIXER PIMPS selling accreditation and nominees now we have Senator elected to be branded by Lady Miriam as criminals with the 2 giant networks as the unholy coupling parenthood of the bastardization? Yikes, are we transforming into a nation of bastards, well it does look that way if we look at what’s happening in our electoral contest. Is this one of her bane grandstanding just like what we witnessed and reported in Inquirer when she was dropped from the SC list?
Well we have come a long way with Fatso Mike errrr Mike Arroyo’s sister Lourdes "Marilou" Tuazon Arroyo shamelessly cheating errr seating as the Balut (fertile duck eggs) vendors' representative and even worse seeing also Gen. Jovito Palparan notoriously dubbed the “Butcher” by progressive organizations supposedly representing security guards. Really, well if indeed he was representing the security guards with a good number of them underpaid working long hours really need representation. But it seems their "representative" is busy bullying abduction and torture survivor Fil-Am Melissa Roxas. He is busy acting as the military dirt bag shamelessly lying through their teeth in asserting what was clearly a dumb mistaken identity, but still insist they got the right suspect. Are they nuts or something or just dumb enough living in the middle ages not realizing that abduction and torture is wrong on all levels?

Going back to my favorite Senadora Miriam Santiago you would think that she would have resigned by now or have filed criminal cases against electoral violators but it seems like a big joke since she is still ranting and we just keep on amusing ourselves with her antics. Unfortunately we don't hear of it once the dust settles. Despite all the complaints and expose’ from Santiago we are getting worse, so can we take her seriously this time around or is this another sound byte stance as she is also up for re-election?

In fairness to my "idol" Senadora Santiago she did follow up based on this Pedestrian Observer GB update on 6/22/08:
Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has asked the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to declare as an illegal election offense any political advertising in the form of commercial and other endorsements until the official campaign period starts in 2010. Should she not get a favorable ruling she has promised to elevate this to the Supreme court.......... let us see, at least she is doing something concrete to correct the aberration in the Philippine electoral process.
So I am wondering if the Comelec actually listened to Santiago, we probably would not see these pesky annoying infomercials? On the other hand based on the early electioneering campaign in the guise of "Infomercials" by most if not all the candidates it is apparent that no one is really serious in having a clean and honest elections. Now the big question is as a voter who wishes (more of wishful thinking I suppose) for a clean and honest election will you still vote and worse even endorse these candidates campaigning early and spending ton loads of money making the Le Cirque drinking and food binge look like a snack trip to the sidewalk food peddlers?

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