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Human Rights violation of Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr. Pure Hogwash

Watching TV Patrol as the principal suspect in the cold blooded Ampatuan, Maguindanao massacre Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr. being brought for preliminary investigation was quite a revelation. There he is acting like a frightened little girl desperately holding the hands of his lawyer as if he was his sugar daddy errrr his physical presence on his side will protect him from the wrath of angry journalist and people. Here is a “tough” heir apparent to a warlord fiefdom showing the whole world what he is made of without his fully armed thugs of private army looking more like a lost little girl horrified at being alone pleading for his lawyer not to leave him by his side.

Witnesses portraying a merciless cold blooded mass murderer whose puny brain fell off his trigger finger enjoying the murder spree typical of a sociopath inflicting the most gruesome pain imaginable and death to hapless unarmed defenseless victims but whose threshold for imagined pain was worse than a 6 six year old little girl. The overlord in the making feared by his constituents full of bravado roaming the streets of Maguindanao armed with his baby armalite and coterie of armed to the teeth thugs courtesy of their patron Gloria Arroyo’s war of terror and yet could not stand the “pain” of a handcuff hurting his “delicate” wrist. Of course he will bitch like a prostitute street walker, a deranged monster that he is who treats his firearm like a security blanket suddenly finds himself alone without his thugs and constricted by a handcuff suddenly came to the realization that alone without his guns and thugs he is nothing but a vulnerable coward.

The sociopath can really act like a drama queen that he is on his imagined pain as the video coverage of the preliminary trial shows how it was loosened, so loose he can even slide not just his wrist but his head containing his puny brain if one can even find it in his skull full of hot air. His demeanor at the preliminary hearing makes you wonder what brings about the arrogance showing his contempt at the proceedings yawning as if he has a free jail pass up his sleeves or does he thus he is acting this way? Was it arrogance or simply because he is a moron who lacks the ability to comprehend the implication of the hearing? .

To think that he was elected as a mayor and being groomed by his warlord father as his heir apparent to be the governor of Maguindanao they lord over like it was their fiefdom losing his composure or was it just his natural demeanor acting like a scared little girl is disgusting to say the least. With the likes of the Ampatuans it is sadly a reflection on the kind of people that treats elected government position like it is their birthright and we wonder why we have a corrupt and inept government?

What is odd in that preliminary investigation is the presence of the policeman involved in or was at the vicinity of the massacre as respondents or accused in the case who were not handcuffed. The number of accused easily outnumbers the prosecution lawyers and not to restrain the accused with handcuffs is a mistake and courting security breach and mayhem considering the nature and gravity of the case. Some of these accused are instrumental in carrying out the dastardly act that according to a witness claims stopped the caravan of the Mangudadatu at the check point and coordinated said to Ampatuan Jr. They are not exactly innocent harmless little meek girls that Andal Jr. thinks he is, they are respondents to the crime and others actually participated and may have done the shooting and they decided not to restrain them?

As if we have not have enough oddity in this case we now have Leila de Lima the chairwoman of the Commission on Human Rights stating that the irate journalist who allegedly hit Ampatuan with his camera went “overboard” to express his outrage and thus violated the rights of Ampatuan, Jr. If indeed it was deliberate she was right that the journalist went overboard but to say that it was in violation of Ampatuan’s human rights is pure hogwash and she herself went overboard in saying the incident was a human rights issue.

I used to be a camera buff and was in a similar situation where you have to fight for space in a tight crowd of cameramen wanting to do the same all at the same time to snap the picture of a subject. Thanks to digital video I was able to go back to the incident repeatedly and from the way I look at it, it was definitely not a deliberate act of inflicting harm on the subject but the cameraman’s instinct to act swiftly to catch the subject in a split second thus what appears to be a forceful camera swing.

Assuming it was deliberate to say that it was leading to vigilantism is a stretch and if there was any who was violated it was not Ampatuan Jr. (if found guilty committing a heinous dastardly massacre is a monster and thus not worthy of being treated as a human being) but the camera. The camera has more value and an instrument for creativity and the subject who was on the way of the camera swing is an inhumane worthless character, a mistake and a curse to be born in our midst. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a camera definitely is more valuable than the shallow forehead of a moron. If indeed it was deliberate, will we lose sleep over the incident? Yes he maybe innocent until proven otherwise in the eyes of the law but the evidence, circumstance and the threat is so glaring that for anyone to even think the Ampatuans are not guilty should seek a psychiatrist for professional help.

Ok, seriously speaking the journalist who were present are after all human beings, they have feelings too and the outrage is clearly justified anger, for who would not feel the way they do when your colleagues who are supposed to be independent in any conflict and protected are violated and murdered. If people who are not journalist are seething with anger and outrage what more with journalist? I sympathize and support the journalist present at the incident especially those who brought along the images of the massacre victims shoving them on the face of Ampatuan Jr. Enough of the silly notion that the journalist violated Andal Ampatuan Jr’s, human rights, it was the journalist who are the victims of human rights and not the other way around.

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