"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Pogi in the Philippines in Peril hunted down by roving band of uglies!

This is bizarre, I did not realize that there are ugly people who wants to rid the Philippines of cruel reminders to their faces only a mother could love. Perhaps it is time for a law to be enacted against illegal possession of ugly face. These people can run amok and pose a danger to good looking people especially in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines.
Lucky for Boy Pogi he is in California, if not he is clearly faced with the danger of getting accosted by roving band of ugly Pinoys out to rid good looking guys in the Philippines. Well I don't know if Boy Pogi is the real McCoy or a Smeagol look alike and in that case he may still be targeted for false pretense, lol.

Stop the hate now please....... if they don't we will end up with Garci and Bedol as the good looking ones, yikes.......

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