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Mikey “Marie Antoinette” Arroyo the Latest Joker in the Family on the Gluttons Le Cirque Pig Out

First it was Luli Arroyo lamenting the political heat his dad was getting saying daddy dearest was an easy target by their political enemies for being a rich fatso. Now we see Mikey “Marie Antoinette” Arroyo coming to the rescue of mommy dearest extravagant fine dinning pig out and drinking binge together with 65 or so free loaders and a drag queen to boot social climbing the big apple.
Mikey 'Marie Antoinette' ArroyoPeople travel light for a reason and that is for convenience and mobility. Now it does not mean that just because you have no extra baggage it does not translate to filling up one’s tummy and stuff it with lobsters, steaks, expensive wines or other fancy gourmet food you can ravage as if it was going out of style.

There is nothing wrong with the president and her huge entourage eating at a decent restaurant as Mikey “Marie Antoinette” says but the problem is his deluded and corrupted concept of decent. Decent does not mean it has to be an expensive fine dining restaurant reserved for the rich and famous, meaning not for the rich of the unexplained wealth and infamous kind.

Experienced traveler knows enough not to stuff their belly with all the food and wine they can stuff their belly till it explodes because it can be nasty, stinky and may cause some undignified embarrassment. Mikey “Marie Antoinette” seems to confuse dignity with lavish extravagance insulting ordinary mortals like us that eats at McDonalds and Turo-Turo (buffet style restaurant) as undignified. But let me ask this, where is the dignity in queuing and hopefully not elbowing each other trying to cut the line because you over stuffed your bulging belly enough to clog your host rest rooms? Can you imagine how embarrassing it is when the first thing the leader of large nation and her huge entourage ask for the restroom as soon as they set foot at the White House because they just came from a gluttons pig out and drinking binge, not a pretty sight I tell you.

Our friends at FaceBook such as
Joseph Rommel Ramos,Jun Vicencio,Ernie Reyes, Marife Guzman Toledo,
Maria Linda Llagas Vicente, Reynaldo Dillera Barretto, Rashid A. Fabricante, Ferrum Mann, Mark Anthony Dario, Jonnel Duka Espaldon, Rosana Robles, and Robert Young Jr. are not exactly enamored at Mikey “Marie Antoinette” Arroyo’s comment on youtube while Jo Santos shares an article on Obama hamburger outing: President, VP Joe Biden have lunch at Virginia burger joint showing the obvious contrast of the Arroyo Glutton party and Mikey's distorted mindset. Obama and Biden the 2 most powerful leaders in the world go on a dutch treat while the herd errrr the huge Arroyo glutton party are treated by mysterious money bag man and bag lady or perhaps bag drag queenies (Manuel Buencamino's hilarious Eats Meets West at Uniffors).

As if this is not scandalous enough Maverick of The Equalizer posted the P6 Million spent on gratuity by Arroyo and her retinue of free loaders, to quote:
Based on the list provided to GMA News by Susanna Vargas, Malacañang’s deputy executive secretary for administration and finance, Mrs. Arroyo’s party spent $66,000 in Washington D.C. and $59,000 in New York for various service tips.
Lito Banayo’s Unending Excess article details quite a revealing or rather revolting the list of expense from the chartered plane “charge” to Lusu Tan errr Lucio Tan to the presidential suites at Waldorf Astoria that makes Imelda Marcos whimsical HK trip craving for sharks’ fin or roast goose, even birds’ nest double-boiled in black chicken broth and Marie Antoinette pale in Comparison, to quote:
Waldorf Astoria presidential suite (no less than 3,500 dollars, plus plus). And about forty de luxe rooms as well as junior suites (some cabinet members had left after Washington DC), each at an average of 900 dollars per, and breakfasts, snacks, plus plus. Not to forget the generous tips, but naturally.

It is so amazing that Imelda Marcos nephew has found himself in the corridor of power and we just don't know if his generosity in allegedly paying for the Le Cirque US$20K glutton pig out was really coming out of his pocket especially when he is entrusted oink oink pork barrel for the con ass where some mobsters errr some congress people are complaining they never recieve their loot errr allocation. Transactional politics at its worst, see Niñez Cacho Olivares excellent job of reporting the sinister maneuverings of the Arroyo's in their attempt to ram Con Ass to the tune of P1B at taxpayers expense.

Sadly, we have leaders and their dimwitted offspring whose concept of decency and dignity only serves as an embarrassment to the Filipino and as the saying goes flies on top of a carabao (water buffalo) thinks they are taller than a carabao really rings true in this case.......... People are getting riled up and their response are even worse in dispersing protesters, to quote Mong Palatino of Kabataan Partylist:
After insulting the public's intelligence by spewing out ridiculous lies and alibis to justify Arroyo's lavish dinners, authorities are now resorting to excessive force and violence to quell disgust over the administration's gluttony amidst widespread crisis and poverty.
They better watch out or as Giovanni Tapang puts it while it is hilarious on Mao's dictum that a revolution is not a dinner party, but in the Philippines a dinner party can lead to one, may just happen when you have quite a number of people mired in poverty..........

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