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Who wants Megalomaniac Gloria Arroyo in the house?

Its official Gloria Arroyo of the Garci Lady fame is ruining, yes ruining the electoral process in her bid to demote herself to be Pampanga’s representative in the house of thieves’ oooops I meant Congress.

Warlord Patron Gloria ArroyoThis is like the rats abandoning a sinking ship with the captain herself scrambling to bail out ahead of everyone of a tattered ship of their own undoing. If there is anyone that surely gets taken for a ride, it is no other than Bigo Teodoro getting the short end of the stick when Arroyo cunningly handed the chairmanship of their political party Palaka. I suspect Bigo’s running mate Edu Manzano may have to sell his house again to fund their campaign since La Gloria will require a big chunk of the fund to buy errrr get her elected. The only consolation for Edu Manzano is that he can’t see China from his backyard anyway unlike his counterpart Sarah Palin’s where she sees Russia, so it will not be difficult to let go of his house the second time around.

Pampanga being the Jueteng capital of the Philippines you expect her godson Pampanga Mayors league president Dennis Pineda the anak ng Jueteng (son of illegal numbers game Jueteng) lord Bong Pineda to lead the flock in handing over a resolution signed by 20 mayors asking her to “heed the clamor of her constituency to run as congresswoman.” Sweet, Jueteng inspired clamor backed by cobramen and women is enough for her to heed the demotion, after all cheating errr seating in the house of ill refute errr lower house will serve as her jumping board like a toad toward a house speaker position. A powerful position in a house so used to the mob numbers game in their bid to pass off a parliamentary type of governance so she can once again be the top honcho as the prime sinister errr minister. That is if they don’t get walloped and find herself in the minority. Should she find herself in that eventuality, all is not lost after all she can always stay in tongress for 3 terms with the kind of election and voters Pampanga has, she definitely gets a free jail pass.

Of course the big kahuna of Jueteng endorses her telling a story telling a lie that she is needed in Pampanga because of her wide and extensive connections. I wonder what that meant. Was it connection to ensure Pampanga stays the capital of Jueteng but what Pineda don’t realize is Gloria’s propensity to grab power and he might end up getting demoted back to being a cabo with Lady Gaga este Gloria Arroyo taking the helm of the Jueteng empire. Ok, maybe it is silly to think along that line but when Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada nationalized Jueteng he was deposed and the incoming La Presidenta did not have a problem when the national operation was transferred in her hometown so guess what she maybe capable of doing.

Is Pampanga a hopeless case and a basket case that the Kapampangans will allow this delusional people to turn the election into a circus freak show to prevail? Not that it is not already a circus with ex-convicts and known criminals running for public office, what is sad is it is getting worse. Poor Governor Ed ‘Among Ed’ Panlilio, now he has to contend with not just the thugs of the Jueteng kind and Lahar Quarry thieves dominating the local government cheats errr seats but a plunderer friend, patron of warlords, and their paid hacks of alipunga (athlete’s foot) errr alipures (running dogs) ganging up on him, and they say this election is not a battle of good versus evil? Tough luck for her propagandist trying desperately to fool the people into thinking that this election is supposed to be one conducted on platform and not on personality. Yeah right, with her entry it definitely becomes a battle of good vs. evil as she definitely represents everything that is evil in personality and patronage politics.

We can’t blame Randy David from backing out realizing that he is up against a woman so drunk with power who will not relinquish her presidential position in running for a lower position. But then again it is not just about winning; because we always know that it is a long shot winning in a patronage politics in their own game. It is first and foremost about standing up against a woman that epitomizes everything that is so wrong in this nation. If we don’t step up the plate and counter the shady clamor of the dregs of society we will be at the mercy of trapos in their Mafiosi type of governance. If there is a real clamor for Randy David to run there is no reason he will not change his mind and with firm resolve coming from people longing for change to prove to ourselves for the sake of our sanity that we are indeed hungry and ready for new politics.

So who wants megalomaniac Gloria Arroyo in the house? Seriously if you are into Jueteng, plunder, warlord, patronage, corruption and all that is wrong in the Philippines then you have no problem seeing her in the lower house and do nothing. But then again her win will prove only one thing..... decent law abiding Filipinos are the minority dying breed and overrun by misfits. If you want to help out you can start by joining
I Support RANDY DAVID Candidacy Against GMA and Randy David for Congressman cause at FaceBook and be counted in this epic battle of a David against a dwarf errr giant.


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