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Gloria Arroyo leads the Decadent Morally & Ethically Challenge Political Jokers & Crackpots in the 2010 Election

The coming 2010 Philippine presidential race while it attracted 80 or so wannabes like laughing hyenas this time around the media seems to be taking a responsible role of not covering the nuisance candidates. Yes the media known for political partisanship not on ideological ground or principles but mostly on ATM inspired journalistic pursuit is taking a more positive role in not adding to the mockery and fanning the N1H1 virus like circus freak side show atmosphere.
Gloria Arroyo's Jueteng RepublicSeriously while I miss the antics of Eddie Gil in the last circus freak side show we call election making a joke of the process, it really does not take a deluded character to make a big joke of the process with traditional politicians and Comelec running the show. Time and again we have seen the trapos mocking and making a big joke of the election while we the people ended up crying and the politicians laughing their way to the bank under the very nose of the grieving victimized public.

Well, there are 80 presidential hopefuls and guess how many of those who filed their candidacy are crackpots? Nope, I did not say all of them but it is safe to assume most of them are. The signs are there like in an omen of bad comedians to come when Rigoberto Madera Jr., a 61-year-old claiming to be a “six star general” beat everyone in filing his candidacy. What differentiates this crackpot from the deluded one who is so intent at demoting and demeaning the prestige of a presidential position seems to be a blur. While Gloria Arroyo claims she was guided by god in all her political decisions especially in ruining errr running for office while breaking her promise not to run in the past was that Madera upped the stake by claiming God conducted a survey and he came up ahead of Erap. Oooops, could this be possibly a sign of mental breakdown? Erap is not exactly leading and was a poor third in the survey conducted by man so his plans on declaring himself an Emperor of the Philippines and running after Barrack Obama’s position will have to be waged inside a psychiatric ward. That is if Gloria does not beat him in selling the National Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong where Benjamin Abalos resides.

We have a convicted plunderer showing no remorse and thinking his redemption and vindication will come in the form of the ballot. Hello, the masses of the gullible people are not exactly legal luminaries so how in the name of Jueteng will that help you restore your “good” name? As if on cue Erpa’s former associate Mark Crespo now using Jimenez a member of the coterie of midnight inebriated buddies acting more powerful than his cabinet is also running. Heck never mind that he is a convicted felon in the US for tax evasion and illegal campaign contribution since he is not convicted in the Philippines that makes him very eligible candidate for president? Susmaryosep!

On the local level in Capiz the fertilizer scam artist Jocelyn ‘Joc-Joc’ Bolante who was deported out of the US in a desperate attempt to flee criminal prosecution in the Philippines with his asylum petition thrown out thinking he can con the American justice system is running for Governor. After all the drama thanks to a bar flunker OmBADwoman no case has been filed despite the overwhelming evidence of plunder and to think he was frantic when prosecution in the Philippines is a real joke.

Thanks and no thanks to the incompetent injustice department and the OmBADwoman his arrogance is back and since he was named like a little girl by his parents naturally will pick a fight with a woman. Bolante is having a grief on Korina Sanchez-Roxas for telling Capiceños to support candidates of her husband and do not vote those with record of corruption. To this Bolante says Korina has no credibility since she is new to the Roxas family, the heck when exactly should a newly married woman have the credibility to tell voters whom to vote or not? It is not like this idiot has any shred of credibility himself especially when he was deported for fraudulently lying in his asylum petition for him to even mention such is just absurd.

It is just a couple of months to go before we see an end to a Gloria Macapagal administration but the nightmare just will not go away. Now, let me ask this, did Gloria Arroyo spike the wine of Father Damaso errr Fr. Roland Moraleja? Perhaps Moraleja was stoned when he said this in his homily:
Do not believe you are diminishing the power of the [Office of the] President. Ating metung a taung migbaba ba yang sumuyo—I Kristo (There was a person who came down to serve us—Jesus Christ).
I can understand Manay Ernie Maceda comparing Erap Estrada’s incarceration with Nelson Mandela because after all these years of being so young and so corrupt there is the likelihood his mind may have been corrupted too, but for a priest? Father Damaso are you sure you are not seeing things, because while there were thieves crucified alongside with Christ Gloria is not exactly saintly Mother Teresa. I thinks Father Damaso is having too much of a good time associating with anak ng Jueteng (son of Jueteng), the Jueteng Lord and former buko (coconut) vendor wife thus he is seeing things.

If 4 out of 5 Filipinos will not vote for a candidate endorsed by Gloria Arroyo in the Pulse Asia survey from Oct. 22 to 30 using face-to-face interviews, that covered 1,800 adults in Metro Manila, the rest of Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, how in the name of cheating president will someone like Arroyo still have the nerve to run? Oh I get it, it was not her running as president and Pampanga being the capital of Jueteng will surely vote for her for bringing the illegal numbers game to their hometown. It is the pride and glory of Cobramen and women will of course return the "debt of gratitude," never mind that they have elected an honest Governor, they have to lift her up led by Father Damaso….. and the aberration never ends with Gloria leading the pack of ignoramuses making her hometown the laughing stock of the Philippines.

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