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Gloria Arroyo’s Martial Law in Maguindanao a Ruse to Hide Past Electoral Fraud

Gloria Arroyo need to realize that she has lost every ounce of credibility and no amount of flexing her presidential muscle through martial law will suffice to regain her tattered integrity if we can even call it that. Except perhaps for Prospero ‘Nogie Boy’ Nograles of the tombstone notoriety a known alipunga (athlete’s foot) errr alipures (running dog) whose position as the house speaker he owes to La Presidenta everyone else looks at the martial law declaration with suspicion and outright resistance. Of course she also has the support of the opportunist and ethically challenge candidates still with Palaka salivating over the vast resources available to the president which she has no qualms before and abused it again to win them a cheat err seat in the pork barrel paradise they call congress.

Among the presidential hopefuls questioning the constitutionality of the action of the little one is Benigno ‘Noynoy Aquino’ Aquino and Brother Eddie Villanueva who wants to know if there are no hidden agenda or motivations behind it. Tough luck for Arroyo and thank god for the framers of the constitution in instituting constitutional safeguards so as not to repeat the historical excesses of the past during the Marcos conjugal dictatorship in the 1972 declaration of martial law. This is a moment for greatness or extreme pathetic display of Mafiosi mindset for the legislators. How they conduct themselves will clearly show if they are truly the peoples’ representative or mere running dogs of one who took the drastic measure just to cover her tracks.

It is a travesty and an injustice if the Ampatuan, Maguindanao slaughter of the innocents that cost the lives of 64 victims that included 30 journalists and 1 still unaccounted for is used for devious political reasons instead of the peoples cry for justice.

Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera claim a rebellion was in the offing, to quote:
The local governments in the whole of Maguindanao had been removed from the legitimate authorities. Some of these local government units... had closed down.

They ceased to render government services and there was a massing of heavily armed men... it was practically an overthrow of government.
Really, how exactly will the clan that controlled the local government of Maguindanao overthrow the very government they treat as if they own it like fiefdom escapes me?

Was this more to preempt the Ampatuans from spilling the beans on the 2004 and 2007 election marred by massive cheating, coercion and killings as shown in the Garci tape brouhahaha and the scandalous improbable landslide victory of the 12 administration senatorial candidates?

According to Sylvia Morningstar at facebook when they dug up the arms cache In Maguindanao near the Ampatuan mansion along with the find are 2004 and 2007 election paraphernalia which has been confirmed by 2 independent source and yet the contents are kept like a state secret. It appears that the Pandora’s Box just exploded in the face of Arroyo all because the monsters she herself created went out of control. There is a price to pay when you collude with a warlord in criminal activities. You only embolden them further towards a false sense of invincibility wrecking more havoc in a frenzy like maniacs unable or incapable of thinking about consequence and repercussions of their evil deeds.

As I was watching TV Patrol when Gloria Arroyo went to Maguindanao to “console” with the victims’ relatives, Andal Ampatuan Sr. did not show up to see his patron on a flimsy reason that he lost his voice. If you are in Gloria Arroyo’s tiny shoes what exactly would you think that means? Andal Ampatuan Sr. needs Gloria Arroyo more than she need them especially with the predicament they are in and his refusal to see the woman who claims to be a loyal friend is definitely sending a signal. A signal perhaps that they are not willing to go down alone and will take her down with them along with Garci.

The Ampatuans thought that they have a strong leverage for a free jail pass and their undoing was stashing the 2004 and 2007 election paraphernalia together with their arms cache. Like the dumbest criminals incapable of thinking straight, what they don’t realize is that the arms cache buried under the ground are easily found with a metal detector and without realizing it just gave up their last ace to escape prosecution. Now it’s their word against her and guess who will win that battle? With the evidence of electoral wrong doings out of the way Arroyo can now act like the Joan of Arc valiantly riding her white horse to slay the monsters through the imposition of Martial Law. The question now is will the people allow her to shamelessly use Martial law for her sick pathetic political grandstanding for the coming electoral circus with the help of her greedy political allies?

Ok I agree that there are lawless elements in Maguindanao that is a fact and if indeed it was justified so be it. What is odd though is that the MILF are to be respected, and are not covered by the martial law decree, a group that are openly waging a war for a separate state. If that is the case since Gloria Arroyo is responsible for the creation and strengthening of the warlords by institutionalizing it complete with supplying them with high powered firearms courtesy of the military the question that crops up is...... will she arrest herself too for her role in the mayhem and lawlessness?

Martial law poses a serious grave threat to human rights and other forms of excesses, we cannot allow Gloria Arroyo to politicizes and the martyrs of press freedom die in vain... please remember these names to serve us a reminder that we will not let this pass until justuce is served
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Still unaccounted for: Evardo, Jolito, UNTV General Santos City

The 30 media workers killed in Maguindanao bring to 134 the number of journalists killed in the Philippines since 1986. Of the total, 74 cases or more than half, were recorded from 2001, or under the watch of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

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