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What happens when the 2010 election fails?

A scary scenario of a failed election looms in the horizon and it is not a remote possibility in a land where anything can happen. In that event we will end up with Gloria Arroyo as Prime Sinister errr Minister because whether we like it or not she will win in Jueteng land este Lubao. How so when she is just running for Tongress Representatong? A failed election scenario courtesy of a Comelec’s stubborn decision to implement nationwide poll automation when 30 to 50% of the country is prone to power failure and worse some without electricity plus regions and areas not wired for telecommunications.

Antonio Abaya in his column “Gloria Forever!” painted a very disturbing scenario of the likelihood of the Philippines ending up with Gloria Arroyo as a Prime Sinister errr Minister owing to the possibility of a failed election. While it seems far fetch the grim scenario seems to hold true especially with a math challenge Comelec with a dagdag/bawas (add/subtract) bad refutation of not knowing how to count the votes accurately and that is just manual tallying what more with a new computerized system to be implemented nationwide. According to Abaya time constraint maybe a major factor since the late delivery of the machines will take its toll in the training period and the challenge of hiring 80,000 Computer IT if indeed we have that number of skilled technicians available. Techies who will also need to be trained in turn to train teachers some of whom have not even seen or operated a computer much more figure out how to work it properly, so what happens when they are faced with computer glitches? Other factor contributing to a failed election scenario according to Abaya is the humongous list of candidates that voters will have to go through one by one that will take some time thus may pose a challenge to accommodate all the voters.

Looking at the Comelec with commissioners rendering questionable decisions what are the chances that they are not ill prepared much less competent to run a very ambitious nationwide computerization of the polls? This is the Comelec where backdoor operators like Garci makes a killing and even plan killings and kidnappings to pad her additional 1million votes Gloria Arroyo demands. An agency where brokers sells party list system to the highest bidder thus we have seen quite a number of bogus party list sneaking through the pork barrel laden congress.

In the event of election failure according to Abaya, it will have dire consequence on candidates vying for the national position but not the local election. We are then faced with no president and vice-president since their term has expired and the succession according to the constitution will go to the senate president. Since Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is the cheating errr the one seating as Senate President and he is running in a failed election we can scratch him out and the presidency will have to go to the speaker. We know where the loyalty of the tombstone giving clueless Prospero Nograles lies and in a country known for miracles, (no not the biblical parting of the sea just the man made hocus focus one where the unexpected yet expected happens such as cheating) guess how this will turn out. A congress composed of members acting more like the Mafiosi mob using the numbers game may just amend the constitution to pave the way for Gloria Arroyo to continue her power tripping as prime minister.

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