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On Manny Villar’s C-5 Daang Hari Dare on Ted Failon & Alliance with Makabayan

Manny Villar was asked by Ted Etong este Failon regarding the Daang Hari or C-5 that benefited seven or eight of the developments that he owns to which Villar denies he has that many and even dared Villar and everyone to go see for themselves. A dare that will lead to comical embarrassment for a presidential candidate to be caught lying through his teeth and worse only exposed his blatant abuse of using his position for personal business gains.Manny 'C-5 at Taga' VillarHow will Villar address the embarrassing dare of the see for yourself that turned out to be more than what they saw remains to be seen? Perhaps never to be seen, judging from how he refused to answer charges against impropriety brought against him by his kuligs errr colleagues.

There is a way to weasel himself out of this embarrassing situation and we suggest that Villar take a sayangtific este scientific Daang Hari errr route. Let’s start with a question on what is the shortest distance between two points? To us simpleton mortals the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Bring in a genius and the equation gets complicated because according to Einstein space-time is a curve, so technically the shortest distance between two points should be a curve line.

If you ask Gloria Macapagal the same question as in the shortest distance between corruption A to Corruption B it is obvious that in her first project, fresh from her cheat errr seat as the president, she went for a highway robbery straight line in the construction of overpriced DM Macapagal highway. It helps when people are in victorious celebratory mood and nothing can distract them even blatant corruption. It really worked well with Gloria Arroyo as anomalies and scandal became the standard fare in her administration. You have to credit her for a no nonsense simpleton like us approach, after all corruption is corruption so why take a circuitous route when you can just jack up the budget.

What about Manny Villar? Well if you ask Manny the same question he should refrain from acting like the lame aggrieved party of not being paid yet by the government for the right of way in the Daang Hari construction just like his spokesman Jonvic Remulla. Villar’s clincher should be like the stereotypical Filipino imitators who try to outdo the original, as in outdoing Einstein’s time-space equation. Manny Villar should explain that his route is more of “crooked” than Einstein’s curved as in going left, then right, then going around in full circle along the way hitting a “couple” or just 23 real estate development he owns to be exact. Since a lot of Filipinos are so spaced out and our feet not firmly planted on the ground just like GloriaLIE Fajardo and speech challenge spokesman Cerge Remonde this should fly like a time travel errrr traveling in space. Wait this is a diversion road and not space travel, oh well that is still ok, he can just tell people that since no one really use the diversion road except residents of his subdivision they can speed up and pretend they are flying an airplane and not their cars.

For the trapos it pays to be an elected public official with the power to propose, approve projects, and funding allocation that so obviously benefits his development company even though it was clearly a conflict of interest and patently illegal. He is just honing his C-5 and Taga errr sipag at tyaga which are “qualities” like that of an out going president. The video clearly shows this and yet you would think that after this has been shown it would have affected his numbers. Surprisingly or not his numbers are up, is it because the people are getting dumb and dumber looking up to this kind of activities as “good traits” of politician instead of getting scandalized or is it because of his alliance with the left?

I suspect this is coming form the rigid supporters of the left now that the left endorsed Manny Villar and Loren “Political Butterfly” Legarda. Makabayan senatorial bet Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza’s time has come to enter the national political scene and in so doing sees the need for a major mainstream political party. Having topped previous elections in the party list system bringing in 10 party list representatives to the house, they bring in to the table solid command votes, numbers that can make a difference for a presidential hopeful. The big question here is will the tactical alliance out of political expediency with the Nacionalista Party also bring them the numbers who would normally not vote for them?

Loren “Political Butterfly” Legarda is so thrilled and happy describing the alliance as a "strong unity for a common platform of reform." While I fully agree with Loren Legarda that Ocampo and Maza have a sterling record in public office I am not so sure about her saying that they also see them with the same kind of sterling qualities. Is Legarda saying that the spaced out Daang Hari project that clearly benefits one of the major enemies of the left the bureaucrat capitalist, as sterling qualities the left are looking up to? I just don’t know about that, perhaps the avid followers of the left has not received the memo yet that the Nacionalista Party is not exactly the nationalist or Manny Villar is not the typical national bourgeoisie to be brought into the fold but close enough to be a bureaucrat capitalist…… one of their dreaded enemies. Manny Villar is right in his statement below:
Pag hindi nyo naiintindihan kung bakit kami magkasama ng Makabayan hindi nyo pa naiintindihan ang pinaglalaban ng Nacionalista Party (If you don’t understand why we’re together with Makabayan, you still don’t understand what the Nacionalista Party is fighting for)
I guess I am one of those who fails to grasp the logic of this alliance, all I can see are holes and contradictions that will benefit Villar than the Makabayan coalition. Ahhhh, contradiction, contradiction, are the left better off staying out of the traditional political parties and maintain their independence since they have registered as an independent anyway? To see leftist rabble rouser style of campaigning in favor of Villar leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It can only be seen as a Machiavellian tactic that may backfire not just on Villar and Legarda but alienate them with the middle class and undecided voters longing and hoping for meaningful change.

It is true that the middle class is seen as the most vacillating sector in society from a leftist ideologue point of view but they should be won over or neutralized instead of belittling and alienating them creating more enemies than they can handle in the process. But then again that is polluted water under the bridge, the door to the Liberal Party closed on them thus they have to go with the Nacionalista Party that are more than willing to adopt them. Professional Heckler say's it best that the left can't stand to be in the same bed with Risa Hontiveros with Panginoong may lupa (landed gentry) anyway, so are they better off with a Panginoong may bahay (real estate tycoon)?

Ok, we also have to give the left credit for walking out of the negotiation on the NP and KBL wedding este alliance which the NP dumped eventually proving that the left is not to be taken for granted…………. But, I just don't know if I am messing errr missing something here, how come Bongbong Marcos is still included in the senatorial slate? True, they will not endorse Marcos but in their campaign materials their faces will be splattered side by side with Marcos unless they are planning to come up with separate campaign materials which I doubt very much even though money errr Manny is a washed with money it will be a financially strain. Now what happens when they go on a campaign sortie, will they snub each other or raise each other's hand while chanting "Mabuhay si Marcos!" and vice-versa..... now that is a very awkward moment, something to watch with eager anticipation like a tele-novela in the making .

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