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Mid-Wilshire Homeless Man Torched to Death


Ben Martin, 31 the man who according to the prosecutors responsible for the gruesome torching to death of McGraham on a grudge is sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

What kind of psychopath will do the most inhumane form of cruelty to a fellow man dousing a homeless man with gasoline then set him ablaze? Murderous sick bastards’ intent at finishing off their victim who desperately tried to escape his attackers chased after him dousing him even more with the highly flammable fluid inflicting not just harm but making sure their victims suffers a harrowing slow painful death of being burned alive.
Yes what kind of evil lurks in the psychopath consciousness of mindless individuals capable of unspeakable crime to a Mid-Wilshire Homeless Man Torched to Death, is beyond comprehension.

The cruelty of the assailants are beyond words a scourge and sorry excuse for a human being having a kick on sufferings they murderously inflicts upon their victims a nameless homeless man seen as dregs of society they can abuse and treat worse than an animal.

That man is not an animal and even animal are not treated in this manner but some people if ever evil exist surely epitomize evilness of the lowest form imaginable. Homeless people are human beings who just happen to be down and out and just like any other people they have feelings like the rest of us who lived “normal” lives.

John Robert McGraham maybe homeless but he has a family that cared and loved him, choosing to call home the streets of Mid-Wilshire a highly populated diverse neighborhood just west of Downtown Los Angeles. Remembered for his kind and quiet manner John Robert McGraham has never been a bother to the community. Affectionately called as “Mr John” a man with a Buddha-like frame and blue piercing eyes that endeared him to the hard working poor immigrants and merchants who took care of him trying to help him with little they can spare though he never asked for money.

Memorial for John Robert McGraham photos #2 posted by defmatnyc at IReport on the gruesome cruelty that has affected the community with people showing up crowding the sidewalk on 3rd street on McGraham's memorial last Sunday bringing dozens of votive candles. Others wept at the memory of McGraham especially after seeing his pictures brought by McGraham’s sister Susanne McGraham-Paisley.

According to LATimes the perpetrator of this horrific crime has not been caught and remains at-large:
Capt. Dennis Cremins said police were looking for at least one man who was seen running from the scene. He was described as a Latino in his 20s, with short brown hair and a large black T-shirt. Cremins said police believe the man may have bought gasoline in the neighborhood and used it in the attack. A red plastic gas container was found at the scene.

One resident, who did not want to be identified out of fear for his safety, said he spoke to someone who reportedly saw the crime. He said he told him several young men got out of a Honda Civic, doused the man with a flammable liquid and set him on fire. Police could not confirm this account.

Cruel sadistic murderous people do not deserve to be out on the street to inflict more harm and dastardly act on anyone they deem deserves their gruesome murders, and let’s hope John Robert McGraham and his family gets justice. A quote from the sister of the victim Susanne McGraham-Paisley’s email:
"Families of homeless are often helpless to make diagnoses, correct problems without intervention. Both my sister and my ex-husband contacted various agencies, but never with any success. . . .

"Since the incident, I can't help but wonder what his last thoughts were . . . baffled by the liquid being poured on him, shock of the fire on his body, reaction and then they say, the man CHASED him!

It bothers me at such a deep level to think of my brother running from his perpetrator, trying to get away, and this cruel human being kept after him until he was satisfied my brother was sufficiently tortured by fire. . . .
If evil lurks in the hearts of the ignorant with a criminal mind, this is it.........

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