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Ameril Umbra Kato MILF’s Lost Comatose errr Command

If you think Eddie Gil the nuisance candidate in the Philippine presidential election is babbling or winging it, this nut case is worst sounding more like losing it incorrigibly babbling nonsense.

A four part video was uploaded by BangsaMoro of Ameril Umbra Kato which I think is a bad idea. Ask if it was true that he is a losing it errr a lost command his response was that he was hen pecked errr fake explaining further the definition of lost as if people have no clue what it meant instead of stating where he stands in the MILF’s command hierarchy. He rambles about people to be very careful in passing judgment if they don't know the “origin,” or "beginning," ayayayay talk about incorrigible babble. He probably meant unless people knew the facts they should refrain from passing judgement but how he babbles about "origins" and "beginnings" only makes it comical and he is not even a stand up comic.

In this youtube segment of the “interview” when asked if MILF are recruiting or are using child soldiers he denies it and yet rationalize that they cannot prevent a child from joining the movement on the basis of revenge if a child’s father was killed by the military. In his incorrigible babble he stated that in Islam minors are those below 10 years old and at 10 years old they are now obligated to follow the commandments of Allah and all the tenets of their faith.

Ameril Umbra Kato should stick to losing it errr being lost; I don’t think he is helping his cause on having Sharia law instituted in the failed MOA-AD that only validated people’s resistance to it when a 10 year old is “old enough” to be considered an adult. Whoever put a price tag of P10M to his empty head ought to reconsider this “tactic” to borrow Kato’s terminology, he is just not worth that much. On the other hand those under his command or other financial savvy people there like the KFR (kidnap for ransom gangs) may take advantage of the financial gain in giving up an incorrigible losing it commander.

Kato definitely has verbal communication problem and I suspect that the tiny mass ihat looks like his pea sized brain inside his thick coconut head which he thought was missing actually fell in the tip of his forefinger. No wonder he has over 100 criminal cases against him as he thinks with his forefinger and his lack of verbal communication he compensates with his trigger happy disposition.

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