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Joe the Plumber Unclogged 2010

Joe the PlumberThat sounds not right huh? Unclogged as in musicians performing unplugged but this is America where one and anyone for that matter has a right to pursue their dreams even if that dream was hopefully not coming from a nightmare. Yes, Joe the Plumber also known as the unlicensed one (to the tune of McCain’s that one) is plunging his plunger to unclogged Washington of crap according to his website urging visitors to sign a petition for him to be drafted in the congressional race in 2010 challenging longtime Rep. Democrat Marcy Kaptur in the Toledo-area district.

While Joe Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. Joe the Plumber to his supporters and Joe the unlicensed Plumber to his detractors dreams of unclogging the crap out of Washington, I am just not sure how his plumbing skills will unclog the bills from his tax lien amounting to $1,182.98 errr I meant tackle the bills for legislation in case his delusion errr dream becomes a reality this time around. Will he unclog unsupportive Representatives’ private toilet or clog them if he loses out on the debate, perhaps hit them with a plunger to get them voting for his plumbing related bills? Ok, that's an exaggeration but really I don't know enough to know that one can hone one's oratorical skill while fixing those nasty toilet clog. Of course that is not to say that plumbers can't slug it out in congress because when one is gifted then it really does not matter whether you learn it from the academe or not.

There goes American politics going down the drain so to speak, inspired I supposed or was it enviously bitter of the historic moment in America’s leap forward to greater heights in seeing Barack Obama’s unimaginable bid and almost certain win of the presidency. The difference is Barack Obama while he came from modest means was at the top of his Harvard class a very smart and intelligent man through sheer determination shaped his destiny in a society that is so accepting of a leader based on his qualifications and capabilities and not one based on race.

Blame it on too much politicking of John McCain and Sarah Palin for "inspiring" Joe the Plumber to embark on another one of his dreams that now his plunger is directed at politics and not his original plan of being a $250-$280,000 earning plumbing business for a giant leap out of his $40,000 a year income as unlicensed plumber. Maybe he should strike while the crap is hot errr the iron when it is hot and use his new found fame in building up his business ownership dream instead of getting into the maze of Washington politics. On the other hand this maybe a short cut to name brand wardrobe, expensive make-up artist, haircuts wait maybe that is not exactly necessary since he is bald errr just shave his head, free meals, accommodations, and travel just like Sarah Palin's so forget about owning a business and just be in the business of politics.

This is a good development and we will see if dreaming and popularity is enough to land one a seat in congress......... if that happens and he gets drafted I am sure whoever he will run against will welcome it with open arms..... just like how Michelle Bachmann's opponent Elwyn Tinklenberg getting massive support without doing anything and let his opponent do her own self-destruction. The only problem is this will make the Philippine jokers errr politicians so happy to get validated by the conduct of American politics that this all about a popularity and personality contest.......
But then again problems arise when one is unwittingly without the proper vetting process is thrust onto center stage..... Joe the unlicensed Plumber flip flopping like John McCain is changing the course of his dreams, his dreams of running in the 2010 congressional race will literally bring American politics down the.........DRAIN, LOL.

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