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Barack Obama & Socialism According to Comrade Bush Allies

Comrade BushSarah Palin the side kicked errr vice-presidential running mate of John McCain minces no words in calling Obama’s tax plan socialist. Thanks to Joe the Plumber the poster boy of business ownership dreamers who was able to extract the “socialist agenda" of Barack Obama. The McCain-Palin ticket’s new found “cause” or was it causing another misleading issue which may have pushed Colin Powell to endorse Obama, to quote:
Powell said he had grown tired of McCain's negative campaigning and that the American people would prefer to focus on issues like education, infrastructure and the economy. He specifically slammed Palin's allegation that Obama's tax plan is socialist, calling it misleading.

"Taxes are always a redistribution of money. Most of the taxes that are redistributed go back to those who pay them -- in roads and airports and hospitals and schools," President Bush's former secretary of state said. "And
taxes are necessary for the common good, and there's nothing wrong with examining what our tax structure is or who should be paying more, who should be paying less.
Who are the socialists then? Well, as far as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is concerned he thinks and taunt George Bush to be on the left of him now upon learning that the feds are buying stocks in the banking institution and yet not a whimper from the McCain-Palin camp. What’s up with these Republicans and their not so nice supporters accusing Obama as a "Socialist" do they happen to be living under a rock these past few weeks while the Bush Republican administration just socialized our entire banking and finance industries? is that ironic or what? While here they are accusing Barack Obama of being a socialist yet those in the left calls their party leader a comrade is just hilarious.

Speaking of Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin, on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,' on Oct. 16, Jay Leno's joke really stings, lol:
Joe the Plumber has been all over the place. He's been on 'Good Morning America,' he's on Fox News, he was talking to the Associated Press. This plumber has done more interviews in one day than Sarah Palin has done since being chosen by John McCain.
It is just unbelievable how they portray Joe the Plumber as if he truly represents blue collar middle class dreaming of buying a $250-$280K income when he presently makes $40K a year makes you wonder how he is going to pull it off. Well with all the interview and attention he is getting and if he joins a union and get a license he may just get into business ownership. On the other hand maybe his focus just like the McCain-Palin camp is kind of cross eyed coming from this advice at Bay State Liberal Blog:
JOE THE NON-UNION, UNLICENSED, SCAB PLUMBER gives a bad name for Unionized Journeymen plumbers.

Using McCain’s 6-Day 10hr shifts Joe could have made in excess of $250,000.00 WITHOUT EVEN OWNING THE BUSINESS!

You say how? An PRIMARY "A" DIVISION JOURNEYMEN in LOCAL #1 makes $80.26 per hr (including benefits) X 6 days a week 10 hrs a day = $3,210.40 Regular Time + 20 hrs OT @ $120.29 = $2405.80 = $5616.20 x 52= $292,042.40!
So JOE THE "SCAB" PLUMBER could pay his TAXES and get a new van if he was a PROUD AMERICAN "A" DIVISION JOURNEYMEN in LOCAL #1.

Don't believe the numbers? Call the Joint board and check!

(718) 752-9630 or I can post a link to the wages.


Vote Union Today = OBAMA 2008!
There Joe, I think raising funds to buy a business earning $250-280K will surely cost more than what they earn so time to save up and worry about the taxes when you get there. Stop worrying about the "socialist" at this point, what you should worry about is the shrinking middle class and under Barack Obama's platform it is about giving the middle class a break and strengthening of the middle class by helping the poor hopefully to get there too.

So far what the McCain-Palin rhetoric does to “energize” the conservative base is seeing some of our relatives and friends who sends us spam e-mail about Obama being a Manchurian candidate, an Al Qaeda sympathizer or worse a Muslim as if being a Muslim makes one a terrorist when Obama was raised a Christian. What is worse is when you see these kind of people and hopefully they are not the so-called conservative base (or are they?) in this you tube posted by Ana at Manila Bay Watch below:

I don't know about you but I am so sick of the hate and distortions that is similar to watching those reality TV shows. Why, even Michelle Malkin the die hard conservative now says that it was Republican Bush that is the biggest socialist. So, with John McCain and Sarah Palin still insisting on portraying Barack Obama as a socialist is just beyond me. Maybe instead of the politics of fear, hate, and polarizing the people portraying Barack Obama as the make believe ideological leftist and fueling the rights' unfounded fear and anger, it will be nice to see something different like Barack Obama and Sarah Palin doing their own socializing........ not in the "socialist" ways...... but something like this one below for a change.........

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