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On Jun Lozada, Heroes & Cloning

The assassination threat by Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors "slams" the opposition for dismissing the threat which he says was very real….. as in Reynaldo “IDOL” Lapuz whose throngs of fans with uncontrollable urge to strangle errr hug our “huggable” American Idol, to quote:

I think the opposition was wrong to dismiss as manufactured the reported assassination threat against Gloria Arroyo. The security forces did find documents showing that there are people who want to kill Mrs. Arroyo. They finally read the reports of SWS, Pulse Asia and Ibon Foundation. The surveys, which have been published regularly for years, show that, given the chance, most Filipinos would strangle Mrs. Arroyo with their bare hands. So the threat is credible.

Now that surely made my day and had a good laugh, a respite from the pathetic shameless lies peddled to the core by the jokers (nah, I didn't say the Joker namesake of La Vida de Gloria). A good dose of humor to hold on to our sanity amidst the onslaught of fabrication and lies coming from the insane shameless Arroyo regime.
If you steal this image have the decency to attribute Night Dreamer as the source

Contrary to popular belief there is no plan or any project shelved by Philippine tinseltown in what may have been a collosal copy cat of Godfather the movie to The GODMOTHER starring La Gloria. An unreliable source who refuse to be identified from the Banana Movie Copying Co. states that just because people call her the capo di tutti di capi, it does not mean she is willing to portray herself errr be an actress.

In another development Neal Cruz in his column wrote on the ANC’s broadcast “Harapan” (face to face) pitting Jun Lozada against former Comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos. Lozada was given the impression that it will be a one one face off but it turns out he was pitted against the Mafia errr a horde of administration people in full force, to quote:

Abalos had with him his lawyer, Salvador Panelo. Then came PNP Chief Avelino Razon, Deputy Presidential Spokesman Antonio Golez, Assistant Secretary for Transportation and Communications Lorenzo Formoso III, and businessman Donald Dee, all of whom tried to browbeat Lozada..

Now, who says the administratong errr administration people play fair? Nevertheless, no amount of twisting or bravado even from those of the snake oil panacea salesman will prevail against the truth. To quote Neal Cruz again:

Viewers were invited to text “yes” or “no” whether they believe Lozada was telling the truth or not. Almost everybody (93 percent) said “yes.” Only 7 percent said “no.” I add my yes vote to that.

Now who are the seven percent? What a shame if you are part of that puny followers of capo di tutti capi, the boss of all bosses or you are just plain dumb and clueless like someone I know. But then again there are those Julie Tactacan-Defensor type who will confront and bully others complete with invective shouting in a scandal plague regime.

There is no truth to the rumor that the survey question was about the administration’s incredulity errr credibility. It is also not true that the station junked the survey question and did not stop it because Benjamin Abalos and party got a negative 93 percent of votes who believes him while those non-believers took 107 percent.

Meanwhile, Conrado de Quiroz column on HERO had a valid point on Jun Lozada’s heroic saga and I agree but at the same time confounded because our society has indeed gone to the dogs wherein our heroes are reduced to state witnesses but still better compared to La Gloria’s type of hero in jueteng bagman Chavit Singson. Lucky for these two but what about Acza Ramirez the BIR whistle blower facing criminal charges for spilling the beans on the untouchable tax officials? But then again, I can’t complaint since we are on a roll and hopefully a spark for change has begun and the beginning of an end to this shameless political chapter relegating liars to the dustbin of history where they belong never again to haunt us.

I must admit that I have a hard time accepting the heroism but what Jun Lozada decided to do was surely heroic and the best part that I like about the article is Mike Defensors' new nick courtesy of de Quiroz....... KUPIT MIKE. I think Conrado de Quiroz should watch out and don't ever think of crossing the path of the wife lest he get's a tongue lashing.

Meanwhile on the rumor mill department our source at the Sari Sari (variety) store sent us a dispatch debunking the rumor that a Korean biochemical company has a long waiting list of clients for a procedure costing US $150K in getting their lap dogs, attack dogs and running dogs cloned. It was also noted that Sec. Romulo Neri did not intervene to MODERATE the GREED in the baseless rumor supposedly jacking up the price to US$450K per lapdogs because they saw Jun Lozada eavesdropping on the deal. Nope not true says our daily gossip reporter in the field, the Korean company can only clone lovable man’s best friend dogs and not the ones roaming the palace by the stinking Pasig River. There is also no proof that any transaction occurred or any plans to clone the running dogs or are they pit bull-terriers but sources say that the breed in the palace are a dime a dozen.

While we are so engrossed in the Jun Lozada revelation the Comelec has once again sneaked in like a slithering snake favoring a recount of the votes in a petition filed by former Buko (coconut) vendor turned millionaire husband to alleged new “kingmaker” in the Jueteng Capital of the Philippines. Hopefully this is just a temporary set-back to Among Ed Panlilio’s thrust for good governance in their quest for moral renewal.

It is also not true that Buko (coconut) Vendors and Cobra Men and Women (bet collectors) are lining up to apply for the position of quarry tax collector and administartive staff in case they successfully unseat Among Ed Panlilio of electoral fraud. Say what now? Now what in the name of perverted comelec case was that all about? Something here does not make sense..... how can Among Ed Panlilio be the cheater, will someone from the trapo (traditional politician) and jueteng camp explain that please?

Gloria Arroyo’s downfall hopefully will bring along with her politicians of the quarry plunder and jueteng kind, to make this happen there should be no let up and not treat this as the ultimate goal as seen in the past. But just the same Gloria has to go…… Gloria RESIGN! Utang na Loob, Husto Na, Get Lost!

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Night Dreamer

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